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  1. The date at the top right of the form under the claim number section is 29 October. Just that I thought I would have 28 days from that date to pay the judgment amount but unsure about point 2 where he awards costs of £700 and point 3 stating that the above sum should be paid no later than the 16th. I’m not at home so can’t upload at the moment. Thanks
  2. No, not Travis Perkins. I am a sole trader so personally liable. Thanks.
  3. Hi, The debt is from November 2017 and is from a wholesaler. I am a self employed joiner, not Ltd. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have received an n24 form “general form of judgment or order”. It states that point 1, it is ordered that judgment for the sum of £1450 and interest to date of £92.08 plus various fixed costs and hearing fee. Total £1964.50. Point 2 states that the court have assessed additional costs claimed .....”and such costs we summarily assessed at £700.00”. Point 3. Above sums to be paid by 4pm on 16/11\18 Dated 26th October Hoping someone can help me understand this. I did try to settle out of court, but the claimaint was seeking an additional £700 (which would have meant £1400 in total over and above judgment amount) in costs. I was advised to let the court decide on this, and in doing so they have assessed the costs at £700. What I really need help on is the fact that I thought I would have 28 days to pay the judgment sum in point 1, but this form is suggesting that all monies including costs have to be paid by the 16th at 4pm. Have I understood this correctly? Or is it the costs awarded in point 2 that have to be paid by then and I would still have until 28 days after judgment to clear the judgment sum? Thank you very much for your help.
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