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  1. The SD is dead, when I applied to have it set aside a copy was sent to by the court to Credit Agricole the debt owner, it was part of my appeal that Credil Limits were not authorised to make the application. Credit Limits then withdrew the application. As far as I am aware Credit Agricole did not respond. Creditl Limits came back to me ignoring the grounds of appeal see letter 15/4. They refer to statute barred, the loan was for double glazing it was not part of the mortgage so I still contend that the 5 year rule applies. I did not contest the original French court order but before the hearing I wrote to Credit Agricole offering to pay over a long period of time as the home in France was about to be repossessed by the mortgage bank (and it was). Credit Agricole did not reply to my letters. The original judgement had the following 'Since immediate enforcement is not a necessity, it shall not be ordered.' See compliments slip below purported to be from Credit Agricole, undated and unsigned, this is probably in response to my appeal when I said that I had nothing from Credit Agricole suggesting that CLI were agents. I am not convinced that this is genuine, CLI have had plenty of opportunity to produce this since they were 'appointed' in 2018! Can CLI represent Credit Agricole here in the UK as they are debt collectors and as far as I can see are not registered with the FSA? Thanks again comps.pdf letter.pdf
  2. Credit Agricole who incidently did not respond to the Set Aside hearing. I have not had any contact from Credit Agricole since 9/11/2012
  3. CLI having withdrawn from their Statutory Demand and Court Judgement given in my favour have now threatened an EEO. The debt is for double glazing in France and there are several issues. My concern at the moment is who has jurisdiction, the original court order was made in France and I am sure that it is CLI pushing for the debt and not the lender Credit Agricole.
  4. Many thanks, the loan was with a bank the french court judgement was dated 9/11/2012, so is it still 5 years or 10? Just to confirm I received nothing from the bank after the court order. The DCA said initially that they 'have been appointed'
  5. Thank you, so does the court order need to be a UK court?
  6. Had a loan for double glazing on my home in France advised bank November 2011 that I was having difficulties told them that the house was up for sale and I would redeem the loan from the proceeds. The house was also mortgaged with another french bank who in July 2013 repossessed the property (with equity) so we lost our home and did not hear from the bank again. I advised the double glazing loan bank of the repossession so no proceeds for which to repay them. In November 2012 (before repossession) the glazing loan bank obtained a french court order against us. No activity at all since March 18 when Credit Limits International wrote to me to say that that had been appointed to recover the debt. Nothing received from the debt owner to say that they had made any appointment. suspect that CLI have bought the debt. I have not responded to any demand from CLI having read the post here. Now I have received from an employee of CLI who is a legal executive (info on CLI website) a form 6.1`. It being a Statutory demand under the insolvency act It was issued by the employee for CLI an behalf of the creditor. saying I should apply to the court if I wanted it to be set aside. (No reference). This notice came to me without any covering letter or any notification from the original creditor. Do I now respond to the court (no reference) explaining my case or wait until I receive notification from the court?
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