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  1. Hi all. It was the Letter Before Court Action I had in Feb. I haven't binned anything. Everything I have had I've kept. I have admitted leaving the site already. I have had a reply from Gladstone today. They have sent me copies of parking signs, a boundary plan of the site and letters they say I have had plus photographs of me at the car - which I feel uncomfortable about. They have also sent a 'copy' of a letter dated 7th Feb telling me they are not cancelling the charge and how to appeal via IAS, which I have never seen before as I would have appealed straight away if I had. They have sent a one page document which looks like it may be an agreement from the landlord to run parking on the site but I need to read it first as it's not clear. It also has the condition about not leaving the premises in the agreement dated 9.11.15 but I'm sure that was only brought in last year so am going to check with Lidl when that happened. They have not sent proof of planning permission. I have taken some photos of the site which I've not posted as I thought I'd wait until this came. I am happy to scan and post what I've had if it's any use. I will look at VCS v Ibbotson. Any suggestions as to what to do next would be welcome. Thanks
  2. Thank you for sorting that. I only had access to my iPad last night and I couldn't work out how to amend the PDFS on that, so was going to try today on my mac. I did the AOS on the same day I received the claim form as per your advice. I don't have any other paperwork and I'm not aware that I've had a notice to driver. I've just had the documents you've posted for me. I am going to take some photos of the car park tomorrow, making very sure I don't leave the premises at any point when I do! I will speak to the Council re planing permission this week.
  3. Hi. Claim form etc attached. I went in to Lidl and spoke to someone when it happened and they said they have lots of complaints about the attendant being threatening and that is was nothing to do with them. I then complained to the Head Office about the intimidating behaviour I had experienced and that it was a poor way to let customers be treated and they said nothing to do with them, it's not their land. I've just noticed I did have a letter before action one but as I replied straight away, by recorded delivery post and email, and have had nothing else about it since I thought that they had left it alone. I argued the original charge by post when I had it, and the notice to keeper and letter before action by post and email within 7 days of receiving both. I sent copies of the original letters with the one I sent replying to the letter before action too. Unfortunately I didn't have much choice but to own up as my dad is 74 and it was causing him some stress so I had to cop for it I've attached a sign. It does say whilst on the premises - can't argue with that. I just saw 90 mins stay and 2 hours, as that is what it has been for the last few times I had been there. There isn't a machine. It is a guy walking round who had watched me go off, and was stood by my car when I came back waiting to pounce. As I said on another post I'm not saying I didn't make the mistake but do feel really aggrieved with the way I was treated and having to pay £100+ for a genuine mistake especially as I did actually shop there. Am posting the CPR 3114 to Gladstones tomorrow. docs1.pdf
  4. Although mine came in a plain a5 windowed envelope with just a PO box address on the back and no indication of who it was from, adding to my surprise! I will try this and see where I get. I will post the result when I know it so others can see what happened. I have made a donation via Paypal. Your time and help is very much appreciated.
  5. It doesn't make that clear at all. It looks like it is from Gladstones as that is the address to send documents and payments to. Yes. What is the claim for in post 4 is exactly what is written on the Claim Form under Particulars of Claim.
  6. There is no address on the ticket that was posted on my windscreen apart from Lidl & Travelodge, Newcastle-Under-Lyme. There is no address on the Claim From that I have had from Gladstones Solicitors apart form theirs, Euro Parking, a County Court address and mine. It just says Lidl & Travelodge but doesn't say where on the Claim Form.
  7. Sorry. The address for Euro Car Parking Services on the charge is Office 2, 51 Pinfold Street, Birmingham, B2 4AY
  8. Sorry. Thanks for that. As you can tell, I've not done this before!! The windscreen ticket is a Parking Charge Notice and says notice on the windscreen ticket - see attached. It just says Newcastle-Under-Lyme and the store for the address.
  9. Hi. I've had a Notice to Keeper on 12.1.18, which I responded to and Letter before court action on 8.2.18 which I also responded to but have heard nothing since. There is a sign which I appear to have parked in front of! The last time I used the car park you could leave the site but when I used it this time it had changed. I read the sign to check the time limit this time, which was in big text, and knew I wasn't going over so didn't look much further. Even when the attendant pointed it out me I had to read the sign 3 times and then saw the leaving the car park line in smaller text. Doh! Thanks for your reply. In order for us to help you we require the following information:- Name of the Claimant Euro Parking Services Limited claimants Solicitors: Gladstones Solicitors Limited Date of issue – 2.11.18 What is the claim for – 1. The driver of the vehicle registration (the 'vehicle') incurred the parking charge(s) on 9/12/2017 for breaching the terms of parking on the land at Lidl & Travelodge 2.The defendant was driving the Vehicle and / or is the keeper of the vehicle. 3.AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £160 for parking charges / damages and indemnity costs if applicable, together with the interest of £8.39 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8% pa, continuing to Judgement at £0.04 per day What is the value of the claim? £243.39 £160 + £8.39 + Legal Rep costs £50 + Court fee £25 Has the claim been issued by the Private parking Company or was the PCN assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? EPS Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No and no. I've had nothing since February 2018 Just to add. I do accept that I screwed up but don't accept that £100 is a fair cost for this and the fact that I felt threatened by the attendant etc. I have offered to pay £20 previously.
  10. On 9.12.17 I parked on Lidl in Newcastle Under Lyme and left the car park for half an hour to find out what we needed for a community event and went back to do the shopping for it. Before I had opened the boot to get the shopping bags out the car park guy appeared, ended up getting really aggressive and slapped a ticket on my windscreen. I wrote to them on 13th December No reply but threatening letter in Feb which I responded to saying that I had written to them in December. The letter complained about the persons intimidating behaviour and offered to pay them £20, as that was all I could afford and that I felt that it was a fair offer for a fine for leaving the car park for 20 minutes. I wasn't over the allowed time and did shop in the store. As my dad is the registered keeper, and he was getting the threatening letters, I did advise that I was the driver and that they did not have permission to contact him again about this. I emailed the letter and sent it special delivery, which does show as delivered. I have also since emailed the letter again asking for a response and have sent copies by first class post since. I am sure this isn't the way I should have done this but I have done it now! I have not heard anything since but today have had a Claim Form from Gladstones Solicitors asking for £168.39 parking, £25 court fee and £50 legal costs. They have clearly had my correspondence as it has come to my address not my dad's this time. Any suggestions what my next step should be as I am not sure what to fill in on the form. Surely Euro Parking Services should have responded to the offer I made, even if they didn't agree to it before passing it to Gladstones? Thanks in advance for any help. Sarah
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