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  1. No it was delivered today. It is real one. Actually above there is name surname address and case number. Also how to contact tfl. Answers to questions: 3.5 years She travelled a lot during first 3.3 years. Only last month she was used this damn tfl card. She used it for approx. 1.5 months. So basically she knows all persons address and e-mails. If you need I can send photo of all letter. She was employed straight away.
  2. Hello, She got a letter today. It shows that she need to tell what she thinks about the incident. Actually I am her husband and letter was sent to her. She bought it from work from colleague. Colleague was bought from a guy (her friend from Facebook). She knows one person from work and other person from Facebook. Also two persons mentioned that it is legal and nothing happened. Please advice what to write to tfl… Can she tell that she has all details for those persons and agree to support tfl to catch a bigger fish? Please advice. Also she doesn'
  3. Hello! The inspectors were looking at the card very carefully then asked if I have an ID and then asked for a bank card and afterwards concluded that my job centre card is fake. Maybe it is different to the ones that they give at the job centre, I don't know. The person who sold me this card works in a bus company Abellio.
  4. Thank you very much for answering guys. I will ask tonight exactly what inspector told her.
  5. Can you also tell me please, if there is no court taken place and we even do not know what will be decision of TFL, does it mean that she doesnt have a criminal record? We are looking for new flat and they will do criminality and reference checks. Thank you very much.
  6. She has this person on facebook. Will it helps? She doesnt comply with any of statement because she is working. What the worst case scenario can happen? Can she go to prison?
  7. My wife didnt know anything about it. Do you know what can happen next? What will be worst case scenario?
  8. Good morning, Lets I will explain situation. My girlfriend bought 1 month ago at work 50% discount card from colleague. The card was sold with oyster and 50% Jobcentre discount card. The person put her photo inside the job centre card and signed for it. She was told that it is legal card and he is working in Job Centre. Yesterday inspector stopped her on the bus and she told that the card is fake one and she can not use it. She paid for this card 80 pounds to this guy. They confiscated it and gave her two tickets: one for counterfeit ticket and other for refe
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