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  1. Yes I did contact the police and they said they can’t take the case forward as no proof of who took it. Yet will re open case if further evidence comes to light. - - - Updated - - - Check my response
  2. Hi Yes I have spoken to my solicitor about this. There is a possibility that the liability is with the concierge company not with building management. However the exhibits received with the witness statement by the defendants solicitor to me. Include a management agreement dated 2018 and a unsigned and undated contact agreement of the concierge company. I have requested the defendants solicitor to provide me with a sign and dated contact and a management agreement in 2017. As the incident occurred in 2017. Yet I have had no response from them. I am confused really if I do receive the correct date documentation then yes I can withdraw my case. However I don’t have any proof of who was responsible when my parcel went missing in 2017 What to do? Do I withdraw my case or Cary on to court as the defendants solicitor has not provided me with valid evidence or at least evidence that is signed and dated. Any advice people. ?
  3. Yes I objectify to the defendant and would like to the court to make the correct decision
  4. Hi I have uploaded the documents in one file in pdf Hopefully this will be ok HA-S PDF.pdf
  5. N244 form Exhibit Witnesses statement part 1 Witnesses statement part 2 Witnesses statement part 3 Any help with this would be appreciated thank you
  6. Hi This is an update and advice needed. I have received a letter the courts giving me a hearing date which is in a few months, with an attached N244 form. Via Small Claims Court So far as it stands I am the claimant who has been summoned by the defended for a Summary Judgment. · The defendant (Building management company )claims they are the wrong defendant, that there is no contractual relationship between me and the building management company (I am a paying Tennent and my landlord owns my apartment who pays a service charge to the building management company for the residential building where I live). Am I correct in say that there is still a relationship between me and the building management company ? Indirect if not directly. · The defendant claims that the concierge company is responsible for the loss of my parcel. However it’s the ground rent company who employs the concierge company, the building management company pays a fee to the ground rent company. the service charge is in place by the building management company which pays everyone’s wages. There is no direct relationship between me/landlord and the concierge company. · The defendant claim that no duty of care was owed to me and my financial loss was not their fault. I am very confused by this? · The defendant claim that if I do not withdraw back my claim they will seek £3000 plus vat in costs if I lose the claim · The defendant has stated that if I withdraw back my claim within the next few weeks they will not seek any cost and will wave off any costs up to date. I am very confused about this statement (surely if think that the case is invalid and has no success then its win win for them?) (why would they want to pay off the solicitor or to be out of pocket? I don’t get this. A) My parcel went missing in July 2017 all my correspondence via email and post has been with the building management company where they have acknowledged my correspondence and have been involved in this matter since. They have never up until I have received correspondence from the defence solicitor after failing to comply with the small claims court protocol and missed deadlines by them, that I have the wrong defendant, yet they have not explained this before or distanced themselves from this matter, or to point me in the direction of the concierge company. B) The building management company were able to furnish me with redacted post room logs showing entries of my parcel to comply with My subject access request and accepted the £10 fee, a postal cheque to the building management company. I mean if they had nothing to do with anything I wonder how they were able to get hold of the documents and to cash my cheque. Also I received correspondence via email by the building management company asking if I would like to receive the post room logs via email or post. I am so confused about this matter do I withdraw back my case or continue also making a request to the courts to add the concierge company to this case and to allow both the companies to fight this battle between them as to who own the responsibility of my loss parcel. Any help or advice will be appreciated
  7. Thank you Andy for your response. I shall await a response from the court. I appreciate your help and advice on this matter.
  8. hi All, A little update on what has happened. I rang up the small claims court to enquire as to what the status is with my case. I was advised that the defendant have not filed a defence however have made an application for summary judgment strike out. My question is can the case be struck out without a hearing or would a hearing be the next step? Would I get a chance to file a defence to my claim before it gets struck out ?
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