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  1. The judgement says it's 10,389. I cannot remember the original outstanding.
  2. Well apart from way back when I have some recollection of giving my address here, but they've failed to use since, not sure how they'd find me...
  3. Really can't remember when last payment was dx. I have no UK assets, and now I know the ccj was issued almost 6 years, I'll sit it out... Thank you very much for your time and patience in explaining this all to me, I've learnt alot today.
  4. Ok, I found the CCJ through TOL, it is dated 06/03/2013 that is 3 years since I moved from Uk. Is that date relevant as far as getting statute barred or anything else for that matter. Last contact I had with them to best of my recollection was 2010. Should I wait to get a copy of claim form from Northants before contacting MBNA, and should I make any contact with Restons or Arrow? Thank you..
  5. Thanks for the clarification dx10uk. My only concern in ignoring, as does not affect me here, but continued contact to my relatives by Court, Restons, Arrow Global or whoever else may join the party! I have been trying to get a copy of my credit file but using the address I last had, 8 1/2 years does not allow me to register. So will try trustonline as suggested by Andyorch to find out when the CCJ was issued.
  6. Fleecers? Sorry to be dumb...but how can I prove it statute barred, is it not automatically after 6 years or do/did I have to do something?
  7. Thanks dx100uk Yes proving that would be no problem, but I am worried about the possibility of having to actually attend a hearing, as this would be difficult to go to U.K for. Would they take into consideration that I do not live there ?
  8. Unfortunately dont have proof they had my address. I live in Italy,just winding up failed own business,so no they would not be able to claim from an employer. Thanks for N244 info, on reading looks like I would have to appear which means returning to UK which would be cost prohibitive on top of the fee, is it likely they would waive this requirement...I dont want to start the process and not be able to complete?
  9. Thanks again, ok so they can enforce a judgement without me receiving any correspondence? I gave my new address when I spoke to them in 2010, and it has not changed since. I am unable to check credit file as no uk address, is there anyway round that ie put in old address, or is that not wise? Also can I request set aside N244 from outside UK? Also how could I have responded to court claim if not received?
  10. Good morning, I' m new so I really appreciate your patience in understanding my problem. I have looked through and discovered these companies have been covered, however I did not understand how to proceed in dealing or in fact where to post my query, so again thanks for your patience in reading through. Firstly left England over 8 years ago, I had a remaining balance on a mbna card. In the first year I recall trying to deal with them but nothing resolved and I left it through personal problems. In July 2018 a letter addressed to me was received at a family member's (with no financi
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