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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I shall certainly be writing to Gladstones telling them to take a long walk. I expect they will argue that the signs on site clearly state the requirement that a full registration number be entered. My contention is that I did so but that the equipment provided contributed to the failure to register the information. I have a video of operating the ticket machine which shows how easily keystrokes fail to register. Looking forward to my day in court.
  2. The story: For months I had parked in a pay and display car park - £3.50 for all day Last August, they changed the machines and put up new signs stating you had to enter your registration number. (I now realise they had switched to ANPR enforcement) Shortly after, I paid for the parking using their new machines. I followed the instructions, entering the registration in full and pressing OK. However, I now know that if you enter the information quickly, the button presses do not all register because the machine is slow to process each key stroke. To make i
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