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  1. Thats brilliant thank you yes i do so will work out figures this morning
  2. Thank you so do you think its best i keep making the payments as i have been I have been paying the extra amount back to them as i said i could afford to pay
  3. Interested to see what happened here as going through similar
  4. apr 2015 for 48 months He asked me to sign over car i said no i then phoned car company on phone for over an hour going through finances etc then was told no wouldnt accept offer and that i needed to pay balliff fees and arrears plus another month payment
  5. Hi In need of some advice had debt collectors burlington to repossess my car from moneyway has 2nd default in 3.5years loan was 6000 + interest 4003 they added i owe 400+ in arrears i have paid back over 8000 but they wont accept payment plan for arrears want an amount of 976 within the week this includes 300+ balliff fees i cant pay it . .balliff wanted me to sign car over but having paid over 8000 this for me wasnt an option if i dont pay it they tell me the court will collect it is this right can they get away with this
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