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  1. I think the most they can do is to try and claim some competitor wrote those adverts.
  2. I can go to that place and see who they hired. And if it is a female?
  3. Advert clearly indicates the desire to hire girl. I don't think it is wise to post link here.
  4. Hi folks, Yes bizarre, yet. I saw a job ad saying company is looking for a hospitality staff. Female preferred. I have all the experience they want and reference. No reply what so ever. The ad was posted on a website where companies people don't have to auth themselves. I did send my CV and cover letter to their official email as per their website. No reply. If it was someone prank they would of replied by now? I am thinking to bring this case to an employment tribunal. Copy of the ad exist in Google cache and some online archive sites. They also posted similar ad on another emp
  5. Hi, I am using a template letter. Should it be addressed to Halifax PLC? Bank of Scotland Group Plc, something else? I am using address found in Bank of Scotland privacy policy pdf.
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