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  1. Hi the warrant only binds the goods that would have been listed on the controlled goods agreement. A controlled goods agreement was never completed. As mentioned previously, I was the driver of the vehicle when seized, I was also at a family home in gillingham, the previous owner lives in walderslade. Bailiffs are allowed to remove goods from a business address or the debtors home address as advised by citizens advice. Also in regards to your last question, yes I believe he has confirmed with the courts to receive correspondence via email.
  2. HI thank you for your reply, My X Partner made very clear to medway council that any corrospodance should be emailed to him. He notified them of this back in July.
  3. Ownership was changed because of the response I received from medway council. Confirming for them to deal with me I needed to be the registered owner of the vehicle. Change of ownership was not done to avoid any enforcement action. The owner at the time the tickets were issued could have sent the notice to owner back to medway council transfering liability to me as I was the driver at the time. However he works away and has a "care of address". I understand people will assume this was done to avoid enforcement action , but this is not the case.
  4. Being the owner/ or not the owner at the time is very important regarding the enforcement action. To date the pcns are not in my name but the vehicle that was seized as a result of the pcns, was in my name. It is unlawfull to seize goods that doesn't belong to the debtor.
  5. Yes it is the same for all of them. At the time i was unable to get a residence parking permit because the vehicle was not in my name. The owner refused to put it in my name (Children's Father) . I believe i have right to appeal, as all of them where paid for and i have proof of this. This is what resulting in me confirming to my x partner that if the vehicle is not put in my name i can not deal with the PCNS, However during this time Enforcement action was already in place. Where would i stand with regards to. All PCNS are in my x p
  6. Ticket was paid for on ringo app 3 mins after ticket was issued. I live in flats so I park get to my flat then login and pay.
  7. Hi, Sorry if I didnt explain correctly, So change of ownership was done before enforcement action was in force. Medway council sent correspondence confirming I could not appeal the pcn (windscreen ticket) because I was not the registered keeper of the vehicle This is why ownership was changed I will upload correspondence now
  8. I hope the above information helps to understand my situation. Previous owner submitted late statutory declaration confirming he is no longer owner of vehicle also was not the drive at the time the pcn were issued. I have a made claimed ownership of the goods as the vehicle belongs to me and was seized from me for a debt in someone else name. Yes I can confirm the I am liable for the pcn but have been in communication with the parking team at medway council who advised I need to be the owner of the vehicle to legal be able to appeal ect. As far as I a
  9. Vehicle Reg: GK60**** Enforcement Reference number: ….. Enforcement Officer: B...... Penalty Charge Notice Numbers: 5 pcn no's ( Please see Full list of PCN in the below supporting documents) " NOTICE OF CLAIM OF CONTROLLED GOODS" SECOND REQUEST FOR RETURN OF MY VEHICLE To Whom this may concern, I am writing in regards to my vehicle that was seized from Carlton Road Gillingham on 20th November 2019. I make this claim on the following grounds: I Miss Leanne ******purchased this vehicle on the 15/11 /
  10. @dx100uk yes your correct, my vehicle has been seized by pheonix enforcement. This was emailed to medway council around 2 months prior to the enforcement action. Miss **** I recently appealed a parking fine i received an email in response stating because I was not the registerd owner of the vehicle they was unable to process my appeal and that a letter had been sent to the registered keeper. The registerd keeper of the vehicle: **** *** Peugeot. Is my ex partners, my children's father, I am a named driver for this car, and have insurance do
  11. Hi I am after some advice, Can the council put a owner of controlled goods claim on hold, while waiting for the response to a statutory declaration made by the debtor. 2 seprate claims made by 2 different people the owner of the vehicle and the debtor. Thanks
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