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  1. Their terms and conditions state that they will only charge a team their opponent's match fee if they cancel within 48 hours of the kick-off time and no friendly is arranged. I have given them four days notice, but I bet they still try and charge me for both my team's match fee and our opponent's.
  2. The message I got back was, "Hello xxxx, we are going to continue to do what we know is right. We expect you to show up this Monday to fulfil your fixture and to have cleared your debt".
  3. I asked for their complaints procedure and was given an email for the CEO of the company. I emailed him explaining the situation and the issues I had. He just replied with some corporate stuff that made no sense and was in complete support with the actions that the league organiser had taken. This was all yesterday. In the meantime, the league organiser had text me and told me that due to non-payment, my debt had been passed on to a debt recovery agency. This was despite the fact that it was only about 43 hours after the match was due to be played and their terms state that I have 48 hou
  4. Hi all, I was looking for some advice. Hopefully this is close to the right place! On October 5th I signed myself up to be the captain of a six-a-side football team in a league ran by a company known as Soccersixes. We have played in such leagues before and although I was aware they use underhanded tactics and are all about the money, we have never had any major issues. We played our first match on October 15th and at the time is seemed to go okay; however, I was then informed on October 17th by the league organiser that the referee had reported an incident that would result
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