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  1. He would be here a few times a week to spend time with our daughter. She had spinal cord surgery as a baby and after we had to learn to catheter her and bowel needed managing for the rest if her life. I would let her go out for a couple of hours but she needed to be home as I did all of her care

  2. Im sure lodging agreement won't be enough proof especially as he didnt move post despite me asking hundreds of times. He didnt feel the post was safe where he was and he was flitting about too much ☹️

  3. Hi.




    I don't think it's a lost cause, but if you can you need to get proof of where your OH was living when he wasn't with you. None of us knows what the compliance people have in the way of documents. When is your meeting?





    Not heard if I have a meeting, sent the documents they asked for Monday. Am expecting they’ll ask for one though.

  4. Seeing cab on Friday, going to docs in the morning....the more I’m reading the more paranoid I’m getting, please may my posts be deleted ? Looks like a lost cause to me

  5. He moved jobs in November and he was lodging with friends. He's just told me he put my address on the new payslips though...but can get a letter from who he was staying with

    What documentation would I need?

  6. He moved jobs in November and he was lodging with friends. He's just told me he put my address on the new payslips though...but can get a letter from who he was staying with

  7. That wasn’t what I asked, though.



    If you aren’t going to engage with help: good luck.


    Then I misunderstood you I’m sorry

  8. Apologies it had been a long night. No, he's never paid any bills. The only documentation is the mortgage. We never had any joint finances relating to here. Ive always paid everything as I have huge insecurities relating to being in control. It was always my house, my bills. Expected him to leave at any time due to my me tal bealth problems. We broke up pretty early in the relationship then became friends

  9. She could be right, but that isn't how it is in real life, is it?





    Sadly not, just hoping all my bumph has got to hmrc the tracking has it stuck being collected and signed for in Wolverhampton?? Was supposed to arrive before 1pm.

  10. That's good. In the meantime hopefully people here will post.





    Thank you, from what the lady at cab said earlier I could still be liable for overpayments as my daughters dad is the last person that should have helped despite being a friend

  11. I've moved your thread to the HMRC forum. I've also flagged it for the site team to see if someone can help.



    HMRC are likely to be looking for financial links between you other than the mortgage, I don't know if you have any evidence of there not being links until recently.




    There are no financial links to my accounts apart from the mortgage payment.

  12. Are you able to go and see someone at the CAB locally? That might be easier.




    If I don’t get through today will visit tomorrow. The anxiety is enormous. Although when I rang after receiving the letter the advisor hinted he could stay if I was unable to function due to my operation. My arm has been Immobilised for 6 weeks and then still couldn’t drive till last week.

  13. Ive sent everything including medical letters and details of my kids special needs but can't prove he didn't live here before my crisis. He was such a regular visitor he'd just pick the mail up. Been on hold 45 mins so far to cab

  14. Hi apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

    After spending all night reading posts about overpayments I wondered if anyone had advice.


    I received a letter last week asking for information as my daughters dad is linked to my address.

    I knew this as his mail has been coming here for years after we split and we entered into a mortgage agreement in 2016.


    The mortgage is complicated, my daughter is disabled and was granted an adaption for the house.

    There were quite large costs to meet and I needed to raise funds for the overspend.

    Her dad agreed to help and we set up the mortgage as friends.

    He wanted to provide security for his daughter.

    We have remained friends and he regularly visits, however....he’s got no other links to an address as he’s been lodging with mates or sleeping at work.


    In January thus year he came to stay occasionally as I was struggling to meet my daughters medical needs due to a car accident in 2017.

    I have a son with ADHD and he was also going through a rough time at secondary resulting in violent behaviour at home.


    During 2017 I was also diagnosed as having autoimmune disease due to living under highly stressful conditions.

    I was depressed with chronic pain and not coping.


    By March he moved in as my condition with my shoulder meant I struggled with most tasks. Torn supraspinus tendon...


    By July we felt we were a couple and in August I had surgery with a long recovery requiring full care.


    I’ve disclosed everything they have asked for but anxious they will go back further


    Yesterday I sent in all documents required, everything has been paid by me up to now with his maintenance showing in bank statements.

    He agreed to pay half mortgage in July so that’s when I’ve said a relationship began despite me needing care to live at this time.


    Should I go to cab?

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