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  1. Hey there. Sorry for necroing my thread yet again, but Intrum - after a couple months of the regular harrassment letters - has returned to legal threats, despite their lack of a signed contract to prove ownership of debt. The only difference this time, that instead of a direct threat (we will take the case to court - as they said last time), they changed their wording to "we may pass your account to our internal Legal Department for review which may ultimately result in County Court proceedings being issued against you". I just wondering if they would actually start any legal action if they have no chance to win in court? Also, I thought having threats of legal action while having no grounds (no means to prove debt) is illegal. Is there anything can be done to make their threats stop? Thank you for your reply in advance
  2. Thank you very much for your reply, this is major relief. Regards
  3. Hey there! We have requested an SAR from HSBC, and sent a letter to Intrum asking them to prove ownership of account. As it turns out (from the documents received), the account was actually paid through some form of debt management - £1 a month - up to October of 2016, *but* there was no signed agreement. Today we received a letter from Intrum essentially admitting that they can't produce the requested document (the signed agreement), but they still would like to pursue the debt. they completely dropped the threat of court from their letter. My question is just this : can we safely ignore them considering they failed to prove ownership of the debt - despite that it's only going to be statute barred in October 2021? Thank you for your reply in advance
  4. My fiance doesn't really want to deal with HSBC as it is from an era of her life that was quite traumatic and she's still dealing with the stress of it. Can I call them on her behalf without answering a load of security questions? Also, can Intrum do anything worse that the annoyance of sending letters ad nauseum or do they have any legal powers?
  5. All the papers we received are from intrum, except for the change of ownership page which have HSBC's header. Is it even possible for this debt to exist while the credit reference agencies have no information about it?
  6. Hi everyone! Today we received a reply from Intrum claiming that the account were receiving payments up to October 2016. It is extremely unlikely, and here is why. Intrum is using my fiance's maiden name, which she changed in 2013. So why they don't know her current name if the account has been receiving payments till 2016? Also, the account has been defaulted in April 2011 (according to them), and the debt been sold to them in March 2017, just 5 weeks before becoming statute barred. Not sure why HSBC would sell on a debt that was still being paid in 2016. What I find the weirdest though, is that Equifax has no record of this alleged debt - as it should be as the account is supposedly closed in around 2009. My only theory for its existence would be that HSBC somehow failed to close the account and some sort of management fee brought it into negative balance, and that somehow - interest maybe? - ended up in that 1500 GBP debt. One thing is sure though, we don't really want to pay off an account that was supposed to be closed for almost a decade now! What steps should we take next? Request the information that they have on that account?
  7. Thanks! Written up the SB letter and will send it first thing tomorrow morning. Interesting to see though that after re-reading the letter there is absolutely nothing mentioned about 'consequences'. No threat of legal action, as that would get them in trouble . The only thing it says that if they don't hear from us, one of their customer support representatives would contact us about repayments. Hopefully the letter will stop that from happening.
  8. Hi! I'm a new user here and this seemed the right category to post this to. Sorry if I was mistaken. my fiance got a letter from Intrum earlier today, trying to enforce a debt of £1529.81 they had purchased from HSBC. My fiance recalls she had paid off - and closed the account - about 8-9 years ago, what at the time amounted to £500. Said account is not present on her credit file (looked up on Clearscore who gets their info from Equifax) and as such no default notices either. Ironically, the 'change of ownership' letter says that they (HSBC) have taken all the necessary steps to reflect the change of ownership on her credit file. Said letter is dated 15/3/2017 and been bundled with Intrum's demand of the debt. Since the debt is - if it's even legit - must be over 6 years old, and she hasn't been in contact with HSBC ever since, we were thinking about outright ignoring the letter. Would that be safe to do so?
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