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  1. Well, let's see what happens, I haven't received anything of any actual substance yet, So I'll just forget about it until I receive something, at which point I will post back here and ask for advice. Dx has put my mind to rest, even though I'm fairly sure you're, not a solicitor DX, for some reason your blunt hatred for UAE banks has put me in a state of confidence. Tilly
  2. I actually no longer have the letter, The amount of pressure was putting me in a state of depression and it was very much a case of out of sight, out of mind. Essentially it said we are acting on behalf of Emirates NBD, that they have been asked to deal with the debt in the UK, the amount that I owe, and that I have 14 days to "get in touch" before "Legal proceedings" , The second page was a page full of Debt helplines.
  3. Thank you for your reply dx100UK, Although as little as you said, your confidence is inspiring. T
  4. Good afternoon. I am a very cautious person, In my mind, IDRWW are reading all of these posts and anything and everything can be used against me, Therefore I'm going to be as generic as possible. Left Dubai in the last 7 years with Debts with Emirates NBD, relatively small between 20 and 70k AED. The reasons for leaving don't really matter, everyone's got a story. a year after coming back to the UK and tahseel Start their interrogation, calling work, Friends, Family, Facebook messages, old jobs etc etc. Very intimidating and hard time. Should be made illegal, but hey
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