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  1. There was no page 2 and nothing about 28 days. In the POC asset have put two loans as one and not used an account number. I have documentation to prove they know they are two accounts. And I also highlighted this was the case in my defence. The email also proves they know lending stream have took the loan back? Why no emails? No I didn’t copy it to them... I haven’t had an N157? Just an offer of mediation appointment which I have responded to telling them I do not have all the info I need to be able to proceed with this. What will happen next? Also
  2. I did chase tm legal who are acting on behalf of assert for the discontinuation notice to be filed and they sent me this: logo Customer Reference: Outstanding Balance: £1,306.08 Dear Mrs , Thank you for your email. Please be advised that this account has been repurchased by the original creditor:The Lending Stream. In terms of how the account will be managed and what action will take place will be determined by themselves. Kind Regards, TM Legal Services
  3. I submitted my defence 16.11.18 the letter was dated 19.11 and says : Take notice that This is a defended claim It appears that this claim is suitable for allocation to the small claims track if you believe it is not suitable complete box c1 You must complete the n180 And file it with the court by 6.12.18 Nothing about 28 days...
  4. It was near Christmas and I thought returning it was better than doing nothing. I should have sought advice. Please excuse my ignorance but what does auto stayed mean- I just got a letter saying it was a defended claim and that it was suitable for allocation to the small claims track. I assumed it was because of the defence you advised me to submit?
  5. Well yes because I was so worried that they would just get a judgement by default... - - - Updated - - - Was that stupid? I can’t see how I can mediate when they are chasing me for a debt that they no longer own in full??
  6. So this hasn’t gone away... assert confirmed via email they would not be taking this any further and I have been paying lending stream as per my agreement with them. However assert havnt withdrawn the ccj claim and have asked if I will go to mediation. I have said no - they have not provided any of the info I’ve asked for and want me to pay the amount on the application when I have got lending stream to but half the debt back - I have told the mediation service this... But now I’m worried - what happens next - what do I need to do? Will I have to go to court?
  7. Fmitl? Excuse my ignorance. Also, should I contact the court just to check it’s been struck out? How long does it usually take? And thanks for all your help- I’d have had no chance without the forum
  8. Hi yes I did. I have an email from TM legal confirming that lending stream have bought the debt back and Therefore is no longer nothing to do with them and that they would not be pursuing any further legal action. I didn’t trust that they wouldn’t try and get the CCJ anyway so I submitted my defence and think I’ve covered all the main points. They also seem to have missed that lending stream have only bought back one of the two loans making up the balance asset were pursuing. I guess I should be expecting another court claim for the remaining balance when they have work
  9. Am in the process of getting my defence together and submitted-I have till Friday. Since I received the court docs lending stream have bought one loan back from asset, cancelled the interest and agreed a repayment plan of £10 per month. I can’t understand how asset let them buy it back when they are pursuing a CCJ for the full amount of two loads plus interest? How do I put this in my defence? Appreciate any help anyone can offer
  10. So following my post last week I emailed lending stream to ask why they didn’t re purchase the loan as per outcome of my affordability complaint. Asset are pursuing the ccj for both loans (but are classing them as one on the court docs). Lending stream replied today to say was an oversight on their part and they will buy it back and wipe any charges. I can then make an arrangement with them. They obviously don’t know about Court process being started. How will this affect things? They are only buying back 300 of 997 balance from asset.
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