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  1. Can I ask you may not know or want to confirm. But did your fried get all the way through the verbal contract?
  2. No direct debit has been set up. Is this a good sign?
  3. Unfortunately I had provided my payment details. Normally I'm quite savvy to this sort of thing but the phone had been ringing none stop and getting an electricity supplier sorted is one of the last things we needed to sort out. So I thought brilliant. Let's get this done. Is me handing over my payment details likely to cause a problem. Ericsbrother how long do these sort of calls normally last? Thanks for the help
  4. Hi everyone I've been contacted to by a company trying to get me to sign up to bes energy. Now initially due to rushing about trying to get the shop ready for opening. I've gone through the process of starting the verbal contract. I'm normally quite a savvy person and can sniff out these [problem]s a mile off. But due to me just wanting them to get off the phone I've missed this one. The woman got have way through the verbal contract at which point I thought something wasn't quite right and questioned her on the fact that if I terminated I'd be left with a 6 month charge. At this stage I told her that I wish to go no further with the agreement after another attempt to get me to finish up the agreement she hung up. Now I'm sat here worry if I've got my self into something I can't back out of or because I never formally closed the agreement will it not be upheld. Does anyone have an insight to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks for reading Half*
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