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  1. Issuing the letter to them now for payment in 14 days whats the deal with returning the car is this done before or after the payment has been made? or make it available for collection?
  2. King12345 Bought the Car last month but the company has been trading two years or so. Collected the car this morning to keep on my drive until the issue is resolved, drove 14 miles and car wasn't accelerating pulled over and there is oil all over the top back side of the engine block, got it towed home. Then the battery which they inspected wouldn't turn over. Issuing final letter / email to them regarding payment. Following that the finance teams legal department are on the case.
  3. Yeah Called VW this morning all services in book match there records, garages who did MOT's all match up with Gov site. Collecting the car in the morning to keep on my premise till action resolved, as the invoice is from Ltd. Been going since 2016 and the owner isn't included on anything else. Contacted the finance company whom i got the car through and they have started an investigation and as they paid but my agreement is with them. Hopefully they can resolve it fairly quickly.
  4. General update - Call today garage - We haven't done a diagnostics, we have repaired the valves, haven't tested the battery as it was in perfect condition when we gave it to you. Can you come and collect it today? Shall i collect the car as i dont want to leave them my car and then they fold as another feed on hear seems to show there same rejection of right to reject only last month. Then go and get a diagnostics report done? or shall i get the car stop driving it then issue the letter before claim? also is this bol****s about it been wear and tear? They have said they have changed over 2 valves. kc
  5. king12345, Whats my next steps then? they are just saying come and collect the car and the mechanic will talk you through the issues. don't want the car as 3 issues within 2 weeks doesn't fill me with confidence. Wouldn't know if it was ex rental or repossessed?
  6. Update - on the phone following report. "There isn't really Diagnostics report. We have just fixed the seals." Mechanic says hes happy he has driven car and no leaks - Battery not tested "was in perfect condition when we gave you the car" . Am i still in my right to reject the car? Dealership been shifty as you would expect. All recorded on phone.
  7. Hi Folks, Looking for a little bit of help. I recently purchased a VW scrioco from a dealership. Good ratings in fact 5* across the board. Car was £7500, 2010 model, 56000 Miles. Got the car home on the Sunday (20 mile drive), Went to work on Monday and saw an oil patch on the floor. Contacted the garage about this issue and told to clean the skid on the bottom of the car as it may have pooled from the recent oil change. Did this then about 5 days later it was still happening. At the same time i also noticed that the coolant was leaking whilst the car hand been driven all weekend. Filled the coolant up 2 times and all drained out. Went to start the car to head into the garage to let them run a diagnostics report and the car battery was dead and wouldn't turn over. Told the garage via email and phone that i would like to reject the car under the CRA 2015 as within the 30 days. The dealership have rejected this as they believe its wear and tear. and wouldn't used a mediator to sort the problem out, in fact they wouldn't put anything in writing. The car is currently with them for a diagnostics report. Looking for a bit of advice as my next step, and what to do really as i believe these problems deem the car of unsatisfactory quality and also not fit for purpose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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