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  1. It seems so but I am no expert at reading leases, so it they wanted to charge £10K I would have to roll over and just pay.then ? The word reasonable must come into this somewhere. Where is the protection for the tenant. Also my son does not have his signature on the Lease. Is this of any relevance?
  2. Everything was written back in my son's name, there is no mention of me in the documents. I am just dealing with it for him in his name.... not very well though!! My son just gave the court's authority to speak to me when I call them with a query. thank you Thanks I will remember next time... thought I would get in trouble for doing that!! Have accepted that CCJ on file but will put notes on file and it will also be paid off within the next week. Should I persue with the Courts though that they sent out the wrong Judgment/Two judges have looked at this case and got dif
  3. Ok thank you I did read those notes and I have done previously as well because I found them independently but could not understand them. Do I have a leg to stand on in complaining to the Court then. I may have to just pay the whole sum requested by the Claimant though and hope to get some of it back through other means, or the sale may fall through. They have me up against a wall really, and they knew this all along, but I am not one to give in without a fight even though its cost me in the end. I do really appreciate your help, not been able to get advice anywhere
  4. I am sorry Andy I am still not understanding. The form I received back from the Court said Judgement (In default) .... so its the correct procedure then?
  5. I did ask the Court not to register the CCJ.... they said it was between me and the claimant and up to me to sort it out with them. They would not accept payment of the judgment so I could not. You would think that if a Court has ordered something they would back you up on carrying out their instructions or what is the point of the whole damn process!!
  6. Thank you for your replies. I do agree, it seems that something has gone wrong here. Its holding up the sale of the property as the Claimant has issued a Section 146 on the Building Society (never received by us), I have sent all explanations to the building society and supporting documentation that I tried to pay the Judgment but it was not accepted. The Claimant (Landlord) to be honest know nothing of this as they are no longer represented by the Managing agent who instructed the Debt Collection Agency. The original debt is less than £400, just a four months se
  7. sorry I am not being very clear, its holding up the sale of my son's property. Does any one know that if he lands up paying these people their excessive charges can he go through the process of First Tier Tribunal to ask them if they find the costs reasonable?
  8. HI This is still on going, the court have reiterated that the judgement is correct and that they should accept the payment. They wont and have now written to my building society. Well they have not they have instructed an Indemnity Legal co to do it. Now it looks like this Management Co instructed debt collectors, debt collectors passed on to their legal department now passed on to a company I have never even heard of! Also I might add the original management company who instructed the debt collectors have been sacked by the Claimant. I am so co
  9. Thank you so much on your clarification of this. This is exactly what I thought. I have informed the court yesterday, and although everyone there is very helpful things are very slow, and you never speak to the same person twice. I will be calling them again this morning and I will post the outcome on here, so it may help others in my situation. The debt is his and I am dealing with it for him. My son does not live at the property so we have his post redirected to here through the Royal Mail re-direction service Yes I agree with you it does not seem right.
  10. Hi thanks again for your help. The Claim form was sent to my son's address but we have his post redirected by Royal Mail to us. After filling in the forms etc and returning them ( I have electronic receipts for them) it seemed to take along time. In the meantime PDC were emailing me to say they have not received anything from the Court etc, I assured them that I had replied to the Court. I rang the Court when I at last received the Judgement for Claimant (in default) and asked them how it had come to this without any explanation. The judgement says I had not replied
  11. Hi Thanks again. I am still confused, I was not sent a court date at any time, it just went in front of the judge. The Court is in Salford and I live far away from there. So does PDC not have to accept the Courts Judgement but I do? I filled in all the forms and sent them back to the court within the time period which they acknowledged. I also defended each part of the Particulars of Claim with an exhibit of evidence of trying to pay and their refusal. Of course I agree that PDC can add charges but surely they have to be reasonable? Thank you
  12. Good evening. Thank you for your reply. I was never invited to a hearing it just went in front of the judge, who ordered me to pay the said amount which I have tried to do. I have never had an issue with paying the service charge just the unfair charges of PDC. The original Managing Agent who instructed PDC have now been sacked for issues that could not be resolved. I have no argument at all with the Claimant who have now instructed new Managing Agents whom I have a good relationship with. If the Property Management Debt company had accepted my of
  13. I have also had this problem with PDC. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?490588-Pdc-claimform-part-admitted-got-judgement-wont-except-payment-without-addes-fees-now-issued-a-Section-146
  14. Hi all, I am new to this forum so please forgive any mistakes. I am having an awful experience with the above companies. It all started with a service charge debt.. not very old..was due in December 2017 in advance for months Jan/Feb/March/April. Hands up.. I can never afford to pay in advance but have always paid by the end quarter month. In April 2018 received a letter from Property Debt Collection for the service charge (which obviously had no quibble with) but they had added excessive fees. £250 for the Managing Agent to instruct them and £350.00 for the
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