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  1. Pictures for Ericsbrother.


    The Parking sign & signs on wall of derelict building which drivers park alongside. Bear with me on other stuff.


    As previously stated there isn't one of these or any other sign at the entrance to this road stating it is a Private Road or the Terms and Conditions.


    There used to be one on the end of this building facing drivers as they entered the road, but this was too far back (you can see it on the entrance of the road photo) and the font size is too small to read.


    However this has now been removed when new fencing was put up, so the parking company have made matters even worse!!!!!




    pix1 .pdf

  2. Yes I see that. When I signed up for this group I was advised by the site owners not to use my real name. If I upload the details and documents as stated I might as well have used my real name!


    The NTK was received within 14 days, so cannot get them on that.


    The NTK mentioned the schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012, so I cannot get them on that either.


    Yes I appealed to the Management company and then to the IAS and both were rejected.


    I can supply all documents, but not on a public forum as this will identify who I am. Sorry, but I do not want to do that, eve if that makes me a secret squirrel.


    I guess I will just have to play their games on my own!

  3. I know my handling of this situation was with hindsight not the best.

    When my Mum received the PCN, as it was her car, she didn't have to rush and give them my details so easily.

    Then I should have just denied the charge and ask them to take me to court straight away.


    I know someone who did this and the last time I spoke to him, 5 months after the alleged offence, he had heard no more.

    Mind you I had the silence treatment for 4 months.


    Interesting and disappointing to hear you say the new Parking Bill will not make a difference to situations like this.

    I will look at the link later when I am on my PC.

    Thanks for all your advice so far.

  4. Obviously you have not seen any of my letters, but I have spent a lot of time researching this and speaking to CAB, Trading Standards and a Solicitor and I have never heard of a 10 minute grace on speculative invoices.

    Is a PCN an invoice?

    If it is and I have missed it, so have many others and most people parking in this road do so for only the grace period.


    I am going to ignore them now and only react if they follow the proper legal process

  5. I have told the debt recovery company I will no longer be engaging with them and if they or their Solicitor's try to engage with me any more I will report them for harrassment.


    I will now only engage with my local County Court.

    My Father and I have have already spent many hours on this case and so far no return!


    Thanks for your response.

  6. I parked in a no through road which leads to the entrance to a supermarket car park and a derelict building site, which after many years of standing empty is finally being redeveloped.


    The road is accessed from a main road, where there are normal road markings and no signs stating that you are entering a private road and there is No Parking or any charge if you do park in it. Shoppers often park in this road for a short time whilst they go the supermarket, even when there are spaces available on the store car park.


    One day I parked in the road because the supermarket car park was full.

    I parked for less than 10 minutes behind a car that was already there and didn’t think anymore of this until


    I received a PCN in the post from a private parking management company.

    I was shocked that this stated I had parked in an un-adopted road which was no parking allowed and had a £100 parking charge. The council confirmed the road is un-adopted whilst the site is being developed.


    The company had taken photos of the car I was driving, which was parked alongside a derelict building in the road. The signs stated Attention Private Land – The site is managed & operated for No Parking at anytime and that there is a parking charge of £100.


    These signs are not in the line of sight of a car driver and when you leave the car to go to the entrance of the supermarket they are behind you and there are no signs in your line of travel.


    You might see the signs on your way back to your car, but that is obviously too late. The signs are on the perimeter of the building site, which the derelict building is part of, and they refer to “Land” and “Site”, so you would assume they refer to the building site being developed, and not the road.


    If the road is included then there should be a sign at the entrance stating this is a Private Road and the terms and conditions that apply, as was in the Supreme Court case Parking Eye Vs Beavis.


    To make matters worse the signs on the derelict building are not illuminated and are less visible at dusk when I parked and when it is completely dark they cannot be seen at all!


    I disputed the charge with the management company because there were no signs at the entrance of the road and the ones on the building alongside which I parked had not been visible and referred to the building land/site. This was rejected because the IPS had approved the signs and location of them.


    I tried to appeal to the Site Owner/Director of the company who are developing the site, but he ignored my letters. His company finally did respond after my Father wrote to them.


    They confirmed that they had appointed a parking management company to control misuse of their land. I and other shoppers, unaware of that this is a private road with no parking, are hardly misusing the land by parking here for a few minutes!


    Even Police have been seen parking here and I am aware that at least one unmarked Police car was issued with a PCN.


    The management company have had many requests from the Supermarket store management and people like me to improve the signage and/or paint double yellow lines, to remove any ambiguity, but they have repeatedly refused.


    One store manager even complained that an employee of the Management company was parking by the derelict building, adding further to the misleading situation. In fact


    I am sure it was one of their employees whom was parked in front of me when I was issued with my PCN. It certainly was the same type and colour of car that I have seen driving around checking for parked cars.


    My Father did a study and saw 13 cars park there in one hour one lunch time, including an armed Police woman!


    I foolishly tried the IAS appeal process, knowing that I only had a 20% chance of being successful, because it is well known that this is not independent at all.


    True to form my appeal was rejected, even though I had pointed out and given proof that the evidence given by the management company was incomplete and the site plans and photos showing the signs were over two years old and not what were in place when my alleged parking offence took place.


    The Arbitrator dismissed these facts and still rejected my appeal and asked me to pay the charge within 14 days.


    I informed the Parking Management Company that I did not accept the decision of the IAS and the reasons why.


    I stated that I would not be paying the charge and requested that they followed the correct legal process and take me to court and not waste time and money passing this onto a debt recovery company.


    My letters, including to the MD were ignored and the charge was increased to £160, to cover admin charges.


    I heard nothing for four months then out of the blue I received a letter from a Debt Recovery company asking for the £160 to be paid.


    I have denied the debt, and asked them to ask their client to take me to court, so that this can be decided fairly. Their response states if the account remains unpaid it will progress to the legal stage and be passed to the solicitors.


    I would welcome further advice to what I have already received. This situation has been very upsetting and stressful for my family and I, especially when I am an honest, law abiding citizen, who has not committed any parking offences before. In the meantime, roll on the passing of the Private Parking Bill!

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