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  1. No permitted parking to control?


    There is no parking or if you park £100 charge,

    if motorist were aware of this,

    which most are not because the signs are not clear,

    especially after dark.


    And i was mentioned about a 10 minute grace period and most shoppers do not stay more than 10 minutes and NPM take their photos as soon as the driver is out of sight (entered the store)!


    Is it worth wasting more time making a complaint to the IPC about all the codes of conduct NPM have broken?

  2. Just had the following reply from the Highways, Northampton:


    The highway status of a road can be checked by using our interactive mapping service (link below);



    To turn on the relevant layer you will need to open the following check boxes;



    The mapping shows that the road is still unadopted. The developer owns the land and it likely them that have instructed a company to manage the parking.


    I trust this explains the current position.


    So the Developer own the road and the Developer has confirmed that they have instructed NPM to control the parking on the site including this road



  3. @honeybee


    I certainly am, but from the IPC code of conduct we can be rest assured by this:


    Independent Appeals Service (IAS).

    The Independent Appeals Service is a service administered by the IPC which allows a person aggrieved by the issue of a Parking Charge Notice to have the matter adjudicated upon by an independent adjudicator. Whilst the IAS is administered by the IPC, the appeals process is provided at ‘arm’s length’. The IPC have no involvement or influence in appeals and are not able to become involved in issues relating to individual parking charges. The Independent Appeals Service is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.


    For this reason you have 20% chance of you appeal being successful!!!


    I thought the experts had spoken.



    As stated it was when I committed the alleged offence. I dont think it will be adopted by the council until the Demetis Centre is completed.

  4. Yes I would say the lines were painted by the council and this was another part of my despute that the road looks like a normal one when you enter it.


    Also the guy who told NPM to take him to court and heard nothing from them for 5 months (last time I saw him), stated this would be part of his defence in court.


    The PCN states unadopted road and the council confirmed this to me.


    The article on unadopted roads states:


    The public usually has the right to freely pass along any unadopted road, which differs from private roads, where only the owner and those with permission can use them.


    It does not say whether or not the owner can charge for parking.


    My Dad has been doing some bedtime reading tonight.

    read the IPC Code of Conduct cover to cover and has noted several NPM breaches and obviously non compliances missed when the IAS have audited them,

    so I think ww will lodge an official complaint and see how many points they clock up.


    A couple are very serious and could lead to their membership being suspended or cancelled IF the IPC deal with these correctly.


    I wish I had known about this document before I submitted my appeal to NPM.

    I dont think they would have wanted this to be escalated as an IAS appeal,

    which is of course managed


    Feeling pleased,

    so a good nights sleep ahead.


    Cannot say anymore here as NPM are probably reading this thread and I don't want them to take any actions before my complaint has even been written.


    This will also make a great story in the local press and bring shame to those concerned.

  5. This defendant isn't going to pay unless I am told to do so by a Judge so they are wasting their time and money,

    as I have already told them and the debt recovery company.


    And when I win my case my Father,

    who has plenty of time on his hands,

    will certainly be spreading the word big time!


    Just seen the new red fencing and current sign location of this site can be seen on google, so you can all bee how inadequate they are by virtually entering and going around the un-adopted road.




    Luckily at the time there were no cars parked alongside the derelict building on the right as you enter the road, although I know google blank out car number plates.

  6. If the new parking bill isnt going to stop this then seems it is going to be a complete and utter waste of time and our money!


    I thought it seemed to be informative too, but I didn't reach out directly to seek their help.


    If they are making a lot of easy money because of peoples ignorance why can't they be happy with that. But no they have to be greedy and chase every penny they can and in the process cause people misery and stress.


    The thing is,

    if they get exposed in the media,

    especially if they loose a court case,

    they will be shooting themselves in the foot!

    Please let this happen.

    I firmly believe what goes around, comes around.


    And if they had just dropped the charge I would have gone away quietly and not parked in the road ever again.

    In fact I don't shop at this Tesco's anymore.

    Tonight was the first time since January.


    I think they loose a lot of business because of this issue.

  7. My opinion of the parking cowboys? There is a legitimate need for them in some instances, but most of the time 'parking management' isn't their primary concern - it's to issue tickets and get cash out of us. They play on the ignorance both of the law and the civil court system to coerce the everyday person into paying up. Then you've got the role of the main players behind the scenes - it just stinks of one big racket. The DVLA are making a few quid out of it to boot.


    I have no qualifications, just experience of battling my own ticket and many hours of reading up on the subject. My advice is to just ignore all 'threatograms' and enjoy your life until one resembles a letter before action - likely from Gladstons or other solicitor firm. By all means, read up when you have time, but don't worry over it. Your situation is very easy to defend, and the regular contributors on here will guide you when doing do. It's not for a huge amount compared to many of the court claims posted on, for example, the consumer credit forum - so just use it as a valuable life experience. You'll feel liberated at the end of it! :-)


    I meant the website Parking Cowboys, not the parking management companies! Sorry for not being clearer. Thanks for the advice.


    Did the council confirm that they had un-adopted all of Market Street, or just the part near the old hospital?


    Just the part that is between Tescos and the old hospital.


    Just been up to the site.

    The signs are still the same as far as I can see although at 18.30 it was already dark and hard to see them.


    Despite this I saw NPM parking attendants were still operating.

    There were two guys standing against the derelict building wall and as soon as each driver parked alongside it, left their vehicle and walked over to Tesco, out came their camera phones and photos taken using flash.


    I was parked on the Tessco car park, which I notice has now been extended.

    I walked over the road with my shopping just after one of the guys had taken a photo.


    I think he knew I had seen him taking the photo and that the car was mine and he sheepishly said to me "OK mate". I just walked past him and the car then crossed back over to the Tesco's car park.


    So more PCNs will be in the post in the next couple of days and NPM will still insist they were clearly visible and that the drivers should have seen them.

  8. Had no Letter of Claim or from the County Court.


    Last letters and emails have come from the debt collector.


    Yes some advise from MSE is good, but what I took was poor.


    Out of interest what is your opinion of the Parking Cowboys?

    Obviously people on here are just names and I have no idea what qualifications or experience each of you have.

  9. I know now and as I previously stated on this thread I should not have gone through the NPM/IAS chocolate teapot/corrupt appeal process and just responded by disputing the PCN and telling them to take me to court.


    However I did so because I was wrongly advised to by CAB and Martin Lewis's MSE website, plus I was hoping to avoid wasting valuable County Court time.


    I am where I am now and have to deal with it.

    In a way I hope this goes to court and I win my case, because this will make great front page headline in the Chronicle & Echo and then watch the flood of drivers who will try and claim their money back and also what is important, NPM and the site owner will have to change their signage and process of recording offences.


    BTW in my post regarding image times there was a third image on on a second page of the PDF they uploaded to the IAS. This had the date stamp 16:39:04 so the time recorded was an extra 5 seconds. Sorry for misleading you all!

  10. The signs say Private Land.

    No Parking at any time.

    The only problem is drivers don't see the signs and those that do can be excused for believing they refer to the building site and not the road!


    So where do I go from here?

    There is probably no point in telling them anything now as I am sure they are reading thus thread and know exactly what trump card I should use.


    In the meantime can I expect the games of the debt collecter to continue and do I just ignore any further correspondance,

    including from their Solicitor?


    This I was planning to do and only react to a letter from the County Court

  11. That is very interesting Shamrocker. Thanks. So they can try to charge me for trespassing, but not for parking in a no parking site, even if the road is part of the site referred to on signs?


    I know parking on DYLs on Private land is not an enforceable offence,

    but at least Tesco custoners would have more awareness that parking in this road is not allowed than they currently have from the existing signs.

  12. It doesnt matter how long I was there.

    I don't know why this thread included overstay in the title.

    I did not overstay a period that I had paid for or a period you are allowed to stay free.


    The road is Private and there is No Parking, although I and dozens of drivers every day are unaware because of the poor signage (e.g. no sign as you enter the road. I have a receipt from Tescos that is within 10 minutes from the time stamp, but I have no idea how quickly the photo was taken.


    I would see immediately as I only bought a few items from the store, hence why I said 10 minutes.

    There is no grace period so why do they have to prove how long I was there or have I missed something.


    Anyway is £100 a fair charge for 10 minutes and what hardship and issues does it cause the site owner having cars park in the road for a few minutes.

    Yes if they park on the site, including their car park, but not the road.


    If it is such a big deal they should errect correct signs and paint double yellow lines then there can be no argument!!!

    They obviously want to cause confusion to make money from their excessive parking charges.

  13. Sorry for the delay.

    I hope you now have all you need to offer useful advice that will help if this goes to court or I get nasty letters from the Debt Collector or their Solicitor.


    I suppose this is all good preparation for writing to my local MP and the media if I have to and I was thinking of contacting Sir Parking Bill himself, even though I am not in his constituency.

    Appeals & decisions.pdf

  14. There is no new sign as far as I know.

    There is just new fencing put up, same signs.


    I will visit the site and confirm this and report back.

    The one I posted here is the one uploaded to the IAS as evidence.


    Someone mentioned on here about a 10 minute grace period.

    I don't see that is relevant for a NO PARKING area.


    Yes there may be grace time on a parking time paid for to allow for difference in peoples time devices, which may be 10 minutes, although I read on I think this forum NPM gives 5 minutes.


    Sorry you think getting information is like pulling teeth.

    I do have a full time demanding job were I have to work long hours and this business of posting stuff in public on the internet is new to me so I am therefore treading cautiously.


    Sorry. I see other threads on this subject were people have been requested to post document etc. and that was the end of the thread (no documents posted)!

    I appreciate you want to help but I would prefer to PM anyone with the documents required.


    If you want to help is that not acceptable?

    I certainly intend to go public (media) in a big way if this company does not drop this charge or takes me to court and I have made that clear to them and also the site owner.


    My Father also will start a petition to get the signage at this site improved and legal to remove any future ambiguity.


    Vehicle images as requested, as supplied to the IAS




  15. I did answer most of them. Just need to sort out the documents to not have any personal details in one PDF


    To recap


    1 Date of the infringement January this year


    2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] It was received after 3 days of the alleged offence


    3 Date received Received 5 days after the alleged offence


    4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes it does


    5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 3 photographs taken by a parking attendant, not automatic cameras


    6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] Yes to the Management Company and following the corrupt/biased IAS process.

    Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up .Yes, both were rejected.


    Documents to follow.


    7 Who is the parking company? NPM


    8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Un-adopted Road (not the car park at the rear), entrance to St Edmunds Hospital (being developed into a dementia centre/home), Northampton.


    For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IPS/IAS



    If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here: Site owner/developer, Debt Recover company.

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