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  1. There was no distrust. Just a question requiring an answer and I think I have justified why I asked it. I eventually got an answer and also confirmation that the case I had used as an example was genuine. Now all understood and we can move on. Subject closed.
  2. Good. Quoting a website called Parking PRANKster, with the slogan "putting fun back into parking" is hardly credible to those who are not in the know! Now Martin Lewis and MSE might be considered more credible, but sometimes I would trust PP more.
  3. OK I will use Parking Eye v Mr K. Swindon County Court and hope the case on Prankster was not Fake news.
  4. You missed the point/question I was asking. Would a Judge accept a Pranksters screen dump which does not have a surname, just Mr K and if there is only the court mentioned and no case number. If it doesn't, how is he to know he case is genuine from being on a website? There is a lot of rubbish on the internet (fake news) as well as good! I have all the details of the previous case that was dismissed and yes hopefully I will get the same Judge and he will remember the previous case.
  5. Thanks. This issue was reported in a local newspaper, never got to a national one, nothing changed afterwards, until November 2018, the Tesco landlord/site developer had one too many complaints and had to take action. At the moment to IPC are doing a lot of tweeting saying how wonderful they are and how they are raising the bar. A family member has been critically responding to some of their tweets and they didn't like this, so they have now blocked him! One relevant tweet to this case, but he was blocked before he could comment it. This read "Since its formation in 2012 the IPC has audited 6500 car par signs. Car park signage can't be too clear in expressing contractual terms and conditions for parking on private land. Unclear parking signage is unfair to the motorist". Fully agree with that, but obviously something has gone wrong with the audits of NPM and in particular the signage in this location. I am getting a nice portfolio of evidence for this case, which is growing by the day and I will reference as many relevant cases as possible. I found a case on I think Parking Prankster that was quotes the case Parking Eye Vs Mr K. Swindon County Court (bad signage). Would this be acceptable with just the name Mr K? I did ask them for the surname, but got no response.
  6. I have a large folder on my PC, backed up of course, with loads of information, including advice received on this forum and know everything about the case they lost. It was only only a couple of months ago so all still fresh in everyones memory, but all documented in this case takes a long to get to court. My knowledge is growing by the day so the longer it takes the better. If I had done my IAS appeal with what I know now, I might have even won that!
  7. I live in Northampton and the Claimant are here too. If they represent themselves as they did the last time they had a case for this same location dismissed there will be no train fares. If they decide to use Gladstones Solicitors, and NPM stated they don't, but I know they have done in the past, they quote on their website the cost is £25 to 70 plus VAT. Don't know if that includes the return train fare from Cheshire.
  8. Sadly the other woman who recently won her case did not claim any expenses. She was just glad the case was dismissed and wanted to get out of court. I'm sure she could have asked for substantial costs as the first hearing had to be adjourned because the Claimant wasn't prepared, but the defendant was. Can you believe it? Then she had to have a second day off work for the second and final hearing, where the case was dismissed. Yes I am working and I would need to book leave to attend court. What are LiP costs? Loss in Pay and what is the £90?
  9. My Father has been very supportive. If it wasn't for him I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. There certainly have been times when I wished I had just paid the original £60 charge. In fact to encourage me to go all the way with this my Father has pledged to pay any court costs if we loose the case! It is a matter of principle that we win this. If we don't then we will have lost faith in the British justice system.
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