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  1. Actually Rincon, you need to be more vague than concise and to the point. The thing is you can elaborate on points later, but can't introduce new ones. For example - if you say there was no contract formed with the driver, you can later go on to say that's because the signs were not there, worded incorrectly, obscured, driver left without agreeing etc etc. On the other hand, if you say there was no contract formed with the driver because the signs were worded incorrectly, you can't then introduce the other arguments later on. At this point more is less. Don't be so precise that you paint yourself into a corner.
  2. The "someone with a mobile phone" taking pictures could drop them in the doo-doos too. It raises serious questions over GDPR and registration with DCO. EB will be able to advise you better than I on the ins and outs of that side.
  3. I would approach DVLA in 2 stages. Stage 1 - email subjectaccess.requests@dvla.gov.uk with the request for who, when and why obtained your details. That normally gets a reasonably speedy response. Once you have that response it will determine what stage 2 needs to be. They only have certain procedures listed to follow, so if you include two types of question in one letter it can confuse them as free thinking is not encouraged.
  4. If I opened a shop and started selling weed at £20 a bag, you came in, took 2 bags and left without paying, what recourse would I have in law? They may not drop it, even if you point that out to them, but this should be so clear cut if they ever took it to court that even the worst of judges should find in your favour. In any event you would have the satisfaction of reporting them to the local planning for their breach.
  5. Haha, love it. Reminds me of when I get the usual dodgy phone calls to the office "Hello ma'am I'm calling from your electricity supplier, can I speak to the business owner" I have 2 favourites. 1) "We haven't got electricity" "You must have electricity, I'm speaking to you on the telephone" "No, this is a tin can on the end of a piece of string" 2) "I can't put you through to her, she's deaf" "Can you pass a message to her?" "No I'm sorry, I'm deaf too" "But I'm speaking to you!" "Pardon?"
  6. I don't think there's a back entrance to a goods yard or anything so I can't see a "just passing through" argument holding water. There are, however, a couple of things I can pick up from their signs, although they're pretty hard to read. A good clear photo would be brilliant if you can get one somehow? 1) Entering from the public road there's no mention of £100 parking charge. 2) They state that the parking is "2 hour max stay, for use only whilst shopping on site". Now they've left themselves a bit open there since as a consumer you are entitled to read that in whichever way is most advantageous to you. You could clearly argue that as you were working and not shopping, the 2 hour rule doesn't apply to you. If they state that non-shoppers are not allowed parking at all, then the sign is prohibitive and you could not enter into a contract to park. The main one that may finish them off is to see if they have planning permission for their signs and the ANPR cameras. Check with local planning, not just for permission but check the full text. If consent has been given, there may be a different parking period stipulated. Not unknown for them to get permission for a 3 hour stay then put signs up and enforce it as a 90 minute stay.
  7. It's 2 or 3 big car parks. Can you copy a link of the view of the actual spot to save me trawling round trying to find which of the (50 shades of) grey cars this one is? More than anything trying to see which cameras & signs you will have passed and any possible routes to goods yards etc that they won't have captured.
  8. Is this the spot? https://www.google.com/maps/@51.8881716,-0.3726284,3a,40.3y,81.72h,83.46t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stlLUHKMkcOw_SunO8z8Mjw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 If so, can you try to identify where you were parked? Do they have any other photos?
  9. Compact is fine too and tends to be preferred in this context. https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/compact (I know that's an American site, but it came up first and it's too late for me to filter ) Better - https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/compact#h70028605475880
  10. Everything you can think of. Then tell us what you have and we'll maybe come up with bits you might have missed. Seriously, this is the "unbolt the kitchen sink" time. Photos, leases, contracts, precedents etc etc. You need to engage and interest the judge on the day, don't pee them off with fumbling and faffing so know your stuff inside out. Have they requested any further submissions prior to the hearing? Any deadlines to meet?
  11. No, check your V5. Exactly who is named as registered keeper? It sounds like it may be "Mr or Mrs Bantambec, Joe Bloggs Ltd ...." rather than just "Joe Bloggs Ltd....". If there is a person named as RK, they will not discuss with the corporate entity. What they are actually saying is that the appeal they have received is not from the RK.
  12. Signs would be good please - inside the car park, location, close-up so we can read all the small print and a view of the entrance from the road. Do you use the hotel much - gym, restaurant? If they know you as a regular you could ask the manager to instruct NEP to cancel. Alternatively, if they are usually busy, with lots of staff, they're unlikely to remember if you went in to enquire about their gym membership or not so asking the manager to cancel as a disgruntled potential customer may work. (N.B. "manager" - never the poor minion at reception) Curious they say in their refusal "the evidence gathered by the parking attendant". Was somebody there? Do the photos look like somebody was on foot or was it ANPR capture? Did you see anybody lurking about?
  13. Sadly you may just get proof that your letter was not delivered. Always send first class with free certificate of posting, not recorded delivery. They sometimes sniff a recorded delivery and refuse to sign for it as it usually contains bad news. Just keep an eye on the tracking, if it's not signed for within a week send again by the "approved" method
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