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  1. They did the calculations and sent it to me. They also up held 1 hire purchase ppi and 1 loan ppi but declined the second loan ppi.
  2. I have all the original paperwork including the ppi documents and was told by the man that i had to have the ppi to get the loan. I will request for a sar.
  3. No i haven't sent an sar, the judge agreed that i didn't owe them anything. It seems so unfair. Am fighting a losing battle? yes the loans was before 2005
  4. Sorry for the long post. I had several loans from welcome in the early 2000s and on the last one i thought had finished and welcome said i had another year to pay and i disagreed. Welcome took me to court in around 2008 and the judge threw it out and agreed with me. I have recently claimed ppi on the loans and it was upheld but i have received a letter stating that i owe over £3000 and the debt was sold to a third party and the money would be offset against the debt. I called welcome and said what had happened at the court and they said they have no record of them taking me to court and the onus is on me to prove they took me to court and i dont have the papers cause it was such a long time ago. I have called the court and they said as a judgement was not made against me then they would have closed the case and also have no record of it. What can i do???
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