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  1. I really appreciate all of your advice and assistance with this. My probation officer has said the most likely option they would choose is to double the fine which makes no sense. My main concern which is most urgent is regarding assets and stock which belong to my business. In the case that the court pursues the debt via a collection agency, would the collectors have the right to remove assets and stock that belong to my business which I am the director of? I don't want this to seem as though I am avoiding paying the money, I have made attempts but as I mentioned the fines office don't want to hear unless it is on their terms, they are very adamant and very blunt to put it in the politest way possible. This is why my main concern is the removal of assets and stock belonging to my business which would ruin everything I have built over the past months. Any advice regarding this would be hugely appreciated.
  2. My barrister was with me. The judge imposed the fine and gave me 28 days to pay the fine. He said that I had to pay it by borrowing or using my savings etc as far as I remember. No financial information evidence was asked of me before or after the hearing, only the statement of means which I filled in on the day on which I stated I had £500 in savings and was receiving benefits of £73.10 a week. I then explained this to the court staff after the hearing who said to just call the number for the court fines office and ask to be put onto a payment plan. Upon calling numerous times I kept being told I had to pay the money back within 6 months or less and if not they would not accept any payment plan. Would assets and stock belonging to my company which I am the director of be taken as goods to sell? I can prove that the assets and stock belong to the company.
  3. I did not provide evidence of benefits in court no. I have not received anything since this letter. Not even from an enforcement company. Does this mean that if the enforcement company sends someone out, they will be able to remove goods belonging to my company?
  4. I will respond to the second lot of questions in a separate post The second 'Further Steps Notice' is the only one I have. It is dated 14 September 2018. If you need any more info please ask I will reply and thank you for replying
  5. Hi all, I am new to this site so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong place. I have been fined £1200 by a magistrates court around 2 months ago. At the time I was not able to pay and was instructed by my solicitor to state that I could pay in instalments once I had an income to avoid a harsher punishment by the judge who was not in the best of moods on the day. I was advised by my solicitor and court staff to contact the collections department for fines to offer an amount I could pay monthly, every offer I ever made was refused for a payment plan but they kept telling me I could still make payments if I wished to do so. To this day, I genuinely have been unable to make any payments. Since becoming unemployed prior to this fine, I had to find a way to create an income. I set up a private limited company in August 2018 working from home selling goods online. I am the director of this company and 100% shareholder. My question is, now that I have started to receive letters from the court stating that further collection acticiry will take place, can bailiffs or court officers take control of assets/stock belonging to the private limited company which I am the director of? Any help would be appreciated as I am expecting a knock on the door any day now. Every week any money I make is being reinvested into existing and new stock, packaging, supplies etc. I am not yet paying myself a wage. I started this company with a surprise tax refund cheque and through selling my personal belongings as I needed to create a source of income as I was struggling to find work. This has paid off as my business is now getting somewhere so to speak. If I have missed any crucial information please forgive me and I will reply asap to any questions or requests for further information. I want to know whether what I have now finally built could be taken away by bailiffs / court collection officers!! Kind regards Hks91
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