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  1. thanks for the helpful replies people i spoke with E-ON today who to be quite honest werent very helpful they said because hes tapped in after the meter that he isnt stealing from them hes stealing from me so have advised me to get a private electrician to disconnect it and get a report off him and take that to the police so i can prosecute. so tomorrow i have a electrician coming down to take his connection off and then ill be going to him and give him the option to settle outside of the justice system. if he refuses then ill have to sue him.... only option at the minute i think
  2. it definitely is a criminal offence. does anyone have any insite on if i could get out of my lease from this.
  3. should i go to the police then because he is stealing my energy after all?
  4. hi everyone, I'm looking for my advice i have a shop food which has been open a little over 7 months and i have just seen my landlord is stealing my electric for the flats he is doing up. upstairs which is a full on building site and the wire coming out my meter is a very big thick one so i know hes running alot of juice i have no idea how long this has been going on but it looks like its been done very dangerously and a real bodge it job ive sent videos and pictures to 3 electricians i know which say he is for sure stealing my electric. Now i have no idea how long this has been goi
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