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  1. No SAR sent, do appreciate the suggestion... partly as don't trust the process/banks honesty and not needed, if they just continue the mortgage for a few years Doctors letter sent today (tracked signed) Fingers crossed
  2. Thank you. Found a couple of letters in the past. Not found any since they agreed to continue the mortgage in May this year. Not there as they know but not received any communications direct to me. Just the court date docs, were found in mums letter box, by a neighbour looking after the house, 30 days ago. Barclays got the doctors email confirming Dementia which might stop the repossession, then changed their mind and demanded a letter. It should be with them Monday, with days to go before the court date, for their Panel to reconsider. Thank you. It would be good to under
  3. Thanks honeybee13. Barclays will be her demise, she will not survive the loss of her beloved home, which she rarely left within the last 2 decades.
  4. Yes, the Bankers must have less powerful friends in Spain. Thought it did take them 10 years to get justice. One would imagine they have covered themselves... even when sending a court doc, to a house they know is empty. Pretty sure they have done zero with mum and know they did nothing with me, other than agree to everything in May, then do the opposite! But as with being miss sold my Endowment, I do not trust that they can be brought to task. (They got away with sinking the world, already!)
  5. Cláusula Suelo Barclays selling 'fixed minimum rate mortgages', as mum appears to have, was found to be 'miss-selling' in Spain theguardian.com/business/2016/apr/08/spanish-consumers-win-victory-over-mortgage-payments-barclays-santander-class-action Banks including Barclays and Santander face a €5bn (£4bn) bill after a Spanish court ruled that millions of fixed minimum rate mortgages were null and void because of the “lack of transparency” in the way they were sold
  6. Not seen a letter, warning/giving a settlement figure and I cleared her place on every visit. As she was being uninitiated with 'winning offers' & dodgy deals (being sent toy tractors / Eddie Stowbart Lorries!) Neighbour says only the court letter came, since she has been away. Her or I don't have any likely 79k fiance options & no time to sell, before 30th. Plus any effort will mean her return to London & the end of her recuperation. She is doing well, but needs longer, before the carers take over again, back in her home.
  7. Not sure whether they have given an inch yet. Or whether, agreeing to extend Mortgage in May, agreeing on a Doctors email and now demanding a Doctors Letter in the post, is all a way of 'running down the clock' As they may have no intention of stopping their attack!
  8. Thanks Ethel Street, yes becoming a 'deputy' sounds like a good idea. She has not seen her solicitor in a decade, so will need to get in touch with them (her one may have retired). Her house is the only place she will settle, back with carers and me if needed, as the only remaining relative. So plan to do that once she is out of danger (puts on more weight). She might downsize one day, but would rather Barclays let her decide when to do it and continue her mortgage. As she is happy in her home. 79k isn't available within 18 days and I am likely to struggle to re-finance, as self employe
  9. Thank you slick132 1. No Power of Attorney but yes "Authority to Act" that the bank recognises (though each new staff member has me waiting 30 minutes on the phone, whilst they confirm that they can talk to me!) 2. Not sure if there was a normal repayment mgge, that did that not run it's full course. 45 years ago. 3. Again not sure. But they sold her one that goes up and up, but never goes lower than 5%! 4. Took a year to be able to talk to them. Knew in May 2018 that Int Only mgge was expiring. They agreed to extend it then changed their mind! 5. They want 79K,
  10. My mum has had a mortgage for 45 years. It represents 17% of it's value. They don't want to continue it, once it reached the end of it's term, even after agreeing to continue it in May of this year. We only get to know a repossession court date is due on 30th of this month, 10 days ago. Barclays know she was staying with me over summer and it was only a neighbour checking post, that alerted us. (Barclays has made it very difficult for me to assist my mum on the issue) They wanted a message from the doctor, which they got, now they changed their mind and want a more formal letter via t
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