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  1. Chinese Retailer are being offered hugely subsidised postal services known as “Terminal Dues” by the United Nation’s Universal Postal Union (UPU) allowing them to sell goods including postage from China to the UK for less than the stamp would cost a UK retailer to send the same item from the UK to the same customer. United Nations UPU class China, the second biggest economy in the world, as a Category 3 Economy along side Gabon. This entitles Chinese online retailers huge international postal discounts. Packages can be sent to the UK for less than a penny. And it’s the UK mail service and the cost of our stamps that picks up the tab. Souce Stop subsidising Chinese Retailers post via United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) terminal dues. http://www.vatfraud.org/blog/stop-subsidising-chinese-post-via-united-nations-universal-postal-union-upu-terminal-dues/#:~:text=The United National UPU subsidises,that UK Retailer are charged.&text=It would cost a UK,send them within the UK. I understand the do not spend too much time consumed by it and the thought that China does not seem to care about individuals or other countries because it does seem that way. It does not affect me i am getting closer to the end of my working life but it is what i have seen happening to others that is bothering me.Which does not mean i am not going to take a few Chinese online sellers on i have not gone that soft yet. Back to the story. Perhaps in a rural area tonight or a city street somewhere small businesses are working with one or two or a few workers who have built up something from scratch over months a few years even and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel,excited even. Suddenly they find the light dimming and do not seem to have a voice.A poweful one anyway.Just have to take it on the chin. What has happened to these businesses. The way it is done i feel i have a rough idea.Some might i suppose say well toughen up that is business. A business comes up with an idea taking weeks,months to come up with and all associated costs.Could be anything at all.They start selling and pick up a good few sales making a few hundred, many thousands even.Quality products.Many will know the warm feeling that gives you. But far away in a distant land groups sat around a table have noticed this business and its product and sales and taking notice. Within as little as a week or two or less the products are copied using inferior fake materials and many times bogus words describing the product.And possible safety defects. Then distributed across the world with all postage heavily subsidised as has been the case for decades. Then it is just a case of rinse and repeat.Move onto the next business. Imagine how that must feel for the business. For the sellers just another day at the office shaking hands and chuckling away as others ideas pay off. I will have to research a little on that thought but very interesting. As i have said thanks for your post which was free the only post that is, is here in the Bear Garden for sure. And as usual it is easy to make mistakes and if i have shout out and let me know and have your say. Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  2. Hi old Tawnyowl here with a thread that i want to know much more about and involves many countries.But mostly involves China. Though i feel affects many people in other countries in many ways. Well when something seems wrong it is usually clear to see and you have to say something.Usually after a little time things get put together the thread becomes clearer and all is revealed hopefully. If i get things wrong which happens from time to time i welcome being told so. But i will research what you might say as i hope others might research and help me get to the bottom of what is bothering me. And who knows we might all realise what is happening and has happened over the years. And learn a little. Once i know what truly is happening my blood pressure will no doubt return to normal and iwill fade away back to the shade of a far corner of the Bear Garden till the next time something bothers me. Lets begin,well i had better start somewhere. I am sure this thread could run for a while. The story started this way a few years ago. Old Tawnyowl set up a very small business crafting,making things and supplying small businesses with the materials to make things themselves. Some going to the United States even and other far flung destinations. It does not matter what i am supplying you could be crafting supplying,making anything. This gave me great pleasure especially when young people who had never done anything like this before started and sometimes send me photographs of their work. What surprised me was the quality they were producing after a short time and beginning to sell. I do not supply that much just a few genuine articles that i sell online. Over the last couple of years i watched as the Chinese sellers arrived probably after seeing old Tawnyowl making a few pounds on a certain product. But it is not the genuine article they are selling and anywhere near the same quality,though looks similar.And uses the same name. Sometimes you can tell by the words they use or by looking at the product. They try many things to make things look like they are produced,made in the UK. You can mix words around carefully and try to fool people.And i dare say this can produce some sales. But i enjoy a challenge and enjoy holding them off with the few products that i sell. And as i experiment with a few tales from time to time you can tell sometimes that the Chinese sellers read their competitors articles. Here we go with the next observation. The sheer scale of the operation when they bring a product out is mind boggling.Pages and pages on online sites pushing local sellers far back. Most countries are targeted,the same product appears everywhere at the same time. With free postage. Now i wondered how the hell do they get free postage on lightweight items into the UK or what is the deal with the Royal Mail. I am trying to find out but cannot find the figures out,i really like figures, but am getting the impression the Royal Mail postmen are delivering lightweight items from China for about half a pence each when it costs you more than than 2.90 to post to the next town with your quality items. So your Royal Mail postman is walking round delivering Chinese items that it has to be said are being subsidised by who i wonder and must be putting many thousands of workers out of a job.And has been for years. As i understand things but am learning. Some kind of United Nations agency. The UPU is a 145-year-old agency that sets the prices of international mail, with the mandate of ensuring that global postage is affordable to all. Do you agree that China is a developing country so deserves this subsidy. They popped up on the moon the other day and are spreading out in many ways globally. The huge factories making many millions for some in China surely cannot expect these subsidies across the world to continue. Pay their workers more and compete fairly. Some night say times are changing and anyway Automation is taking over which it no doubt will.Massive changes are coming. What is the future for the workers, UBI-Universal Basic Income perhaps for all sooner or later. Who wants to hear comment like this it is roughly saying i give up, let them take over the world or fight back. Some must be having a right laugh. Royal Mail said the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a UN agency, sets limits on the rates that China pays for postage once it reaches the UK. Well in my opinion if so the UPU needs a shake up.Workers,Retailers,Crafters need help here. What do you think and why is it so hard to get figures from Royal Mail.The figures must be startling,guaranteed to surprise you.How much would Royal Mail be receiving if no subsidies. How many jobs would be created in Europe would be created if things were fair. As i say have your say and lets try to get some figures,facts about jobs, retailers,crafters,postage and the Chinese way of doing business. How much the subsidies are costing. Sounds like changes are needed rapidly, perhaps you think differently. Perhaps you have been affected in some way pop your thoughts down. Bye for now Tawnyowl
  3. Hi honeybee13 I will try to be unbiased in my view of things.Politically anyway. There is a lot of mistrust around at the moment. It could rise again some might be thinking. Fracking was a sure vote loser in the forthcoming General Election.For one party anyway,all of a sudden out pops a moratorium. All the warnings were in place for years about the dangers but onwards they went brushing experts and people aside. The oil and gas authority report due out what will it show. The police the massive expense,the people called protectors and others thrown aside not listened to. Sometimes leaving dents in hedges and bones,sprains,bruises and anxiety,sleepless nights,stress. People having to put up with tremors,mess,fear for whats next. Over 100 tremors at one site,many sites would be needed,can you imagine what was about to be unleashed on communities up and down England. The time people have spent travelling from across England,Europe and further afield to this Fracking Site in Lancashire. To have their say. Politicians as well. Damage by the Earthquakes tremors,the micro damage that i believe has been caused in parts of Lancashire. I read that Cuadrilla have been examining pictures on internet sites checking pictures of houses for damage that may have been done before the quakes and throwing a few hundred pounds here and there to some. I would like any sites like these to show the possible micro damage,not a chance even with a magnifying glass. But that is my view of things. I wrote on a site some time ago that we will see who has the last dance on the pad that leads to the Well To Hell. I have my shoes polished but not planned the day to dance yet,it may come soon. For those that have kept watch at the Fracking Site,the protectors the local residents who have been at the site past and present,well done. They must be feeling slightly relieved but watchful. All the parties have said they will ban Fracking,one says a moratorium best leave it at that. Who can you trust nowadays is the question. Money and power can get a lot done even if not correct and it can hurt some. I am gone i know i am going on a bit to much for some. Bye Tawnyowl.
  4. The UK government has issued an immediate moratorium in England because of the risk of earth tremors. Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already issued measures that amount to moratoriums on fracking. , the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), said new scientific advice concluded that it was not possible with current technology to predict accurately whether fracking would cause tremors and how big they would be. https://drillordrop.com/2019/11/02/immediate-moratorium-on-fracking-in-england-because-of-tremor-risk/ Fracking moratorium – reaction DrillOrDrop has compiled reaction to the government’s statement on a immediate moratorium on fracking. We have comments from community groups, campaigners, academics, politicians and the shale gas industry. https://drillordrop.com/2019/11/02/fracking-moratorium-reaction/ Press release Government ends support for fracking Government ends support for fracking in England on the basis of new scientific analysis, published today. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-ends-support-for-fracking?utm_source=da4034d2-092b-41fc-a5d1-34dda859a9bd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_content=immediate Fracking will not be allowed to proceed in England, the government has announced today, following the publication of new scientific analysis.
  5. No more UK fracking in 2019 as Cuadrilla runs out of time after record-breaking tremor https://drillordrop.com/2019/09/30/no-more-uk-fracking-in-2019-as-cuadrilla-runs-out-of-time-after-record-breaking-tremor/ Cuadrilla sent office staff to check property damage from UK’s biggest fracking earth tremor Initial assessments of damage caused by the UK’s largest fracking-induced earth tremor were made by staff from the Cuadrilla’s headquarters, not professional surveyors or insurance experts. Some people have had claims dismissed after company visits, which were usually led by the external affairs manager. The 2.9 magnitude tremor was felt by thousands of people across the Fylde at about 8.30am on August bank holiday Monday this year. Within hours, there were reports of cracks in buildings and damage to windows and doors. https://drillordrop.com/2019/09/26/cuadrilla-sent-office-staff-to-check-property-damage-from-uks-biggest-fracking-earth-tremor/ Well what can you say,Cuadrilla must be made to pay not just slide away. A huge amount of money should be put in a fund and this company should have been made to put millions as a just in case things go pear shaped compensation fund. I will have to check but i feel this idea was overruled by the powerful ones back in the mists of time around 2013 or later I will have to check. Such was the desperation by Frackers and their powerful backers to get Fracking.Nothing and nobody must stop it,get in the way. Damage will have been done going back to 2011. Micro damage to many buildings lying unseen in many cases. Who knows what is lurking to appear sometime in the future. Cracks in brickwork slowly letting water seep into cavity insulation to create damp spots in the future. Round stonework bays,windows,foundations from St Annes to Blackpool and other areas. How do you prove the Earthquakes caused the damage. How do you prove it did not. These problems are there just that many people will just pay for repairs that will have been caused by Cuadrillas man made flaming Earthquakes.Not realising. Survey all buildings in a fifteen to twenty mile radius paid for by Cuadrilla,from roofs to foundations.Why not,find out what damage has been caused,many must be worrying and wondering. Make them pay before they go away. How do you do that I suppose smart Lawyers,court cases,surveyors,loss adjusters,insurance men would be needed not office workers to work that out. And remember, some people forget over a little time.Forget what has happened,how badly they have been treated,used,trampled on. Some do not. And remember once Cuadrilla have gone they are gone. Tawnyowl,off now before i blow a fuse.
  6. Good morning from Lancashire,a fine weekend to come. Some recent fracking news,events etc. Cuadrilla fracked just seven times at its Preston New Road site near Blackpool last month before inducing a record-breaking earth tremor. DrillOrDrop has seen official logs of fracturing at the site which show Cuadrilla was using volumes of frack fluid and sand significantly below the maximum allowed. The rate of injection was also under the limit. Despite this, the operation induced the UK’s strongest fracking-induced tremor. https://drillordrop.com/2019/09/12/cuadrilla-fracked-seven-times-before-record-breaking-tremor-official-logs/ Shareholders including private equity firm Riverstone Holdings LLC, which has a direct 45% holding, and Kerogen Capital, which holds an indirect stake, have hired the Royal Bank of Canada to study ways to cash out of their investment, said people familiar with the matter, asking not to be named because the information is private. https://www.rigzone.com/news/wire/cuadrilla_owners_explore_options_including_selling_company-06-sep-2019-159740-article/ Boom & Bust - Cuadrilla For Sale-Video . http://earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/induced/recent_uk_events.html https://www.power-technology.com/news/extinction-rebellion-blocks-cuadrilla-fracking-site/ Video. Video. https://www.facebook.com/SmartCard007/videos/vb.1755176631381479/385598835402088/?type=2&theater Anti-fracking campaigners are to protest against Ineos during the Tour of Britain cycle race today (14 September 2019) by wearing devil masks of the company’s billionaire owner, Jim Ratcliffe. They are targeting stage eight of the race from Altrincham to Manchester This is the latest in a series of protests since Ineos took over sponsorship of the former Team Sky in May 2019. Other demonstrations have been held at the Tour de Yorkshire, Tour de France and in Belgium. https://drillordrop.com/2019/09/13/devil-mask-fracking-protest-planned-against-ineos-at-tour-of-britain/?fbclid=IwAR2LqthdmBcyjiC-8_BTeHZlt1dYXfdOE_paJ4RfzqsiiwutitN0h-DghXk Drill Or Drop-September headlines. Top headlines Suspended jail terms and £70,000 costs for campaigners found in contempt of court for breaching Cuadrilla protest injunction Threat of £85,000 costs freezes environmental organisation out of court challenge to fracking injunction Fracking tremors continue as data shows strongest seismic events follow Cuadrilla’s final frack Oil & Gas Authority announces investigation into Cuadrilla’s fracking tremors Cuadrilla receives official warning over breaches of environmental permit on groundwater monitoring Riverstone Holdings and Kerogen – investors in Cuadrilla – said to be looking to sell Approval of UKOG plans to produce oil at Horse Hill for 20 years Ryedale council votes to extend fracking moratorium indefinitely West Lancashire votes to oppose Aurora’s fracking plans in 16 minutes. https://drillordrop.com/2019/09/01/september-2019-headlines/ Ah well time to pop off and visit carboots in the area 6 am 14/9/2019,have a nice weekend and enjoy the harvest moon. Woke up early thinking someone was shining a searchlight into the room,ha. Tawnyowl,over and out
  7. Good morning from the Frontier of no Fracking. On we go with a few articles. Blackpool (between Kirkham & Blackpool on A583) this SATURDAY the 31st August. Many residents just can't be here regularly due to life-demands like work, carer responsibilities, bills to pay etc. but support online and beeps as they pass have been a valued part of the nearly 1000 days of protest at this fracking site - this Saturday - as many as possible will show up to stand together. https://www.facebook.com/events/466244093957185/ UK fracking struggles to shake off fears of more tremors Strength of latest Blackpool quakes raises pressure on shale gas operator Cuadrilla https://www.ft.com/content/38fe9eac-c8c4-11e9-a1f4-3669401ba76f ‘Does someone need to die?’ The families whose homes have turned into Britain’s earthquake zone – thanks to fracking https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/fracking-earthquakes-tremors-preston-new-road-cuadrilla-a9082636.html Fracking in Lancashire could remain suspended for weeks while regulators investigate how Cuadrilla Resources caused an earth tremor 25 times bigger than the company had predicted. The Oil & Gas Authority said it could not give a timescale for the conclusion of its “open-ended” investigation into Monday’s 2.9-magnitude tremor, which followed fracking by Cuadrilla last week. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/regulator-to-halt-fracking-for-weeks-after-tremor-kzv2hfwk7 Hoping to pop off to the gathering at the Fracking Site tomorrow and take a few photos and video and a tale of the day to put here on the CAG early next week. Finish this week off with a song about the Cuadrilla Fracking invaders who arrived one cold winters morning in Lancashire.Seems a long time ago now. Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  8. Good morning,what is happening this fine day.On we go with a little news and a touch of history. Sir Jim Ratcliffe slates government restrictions as ‘archaic and unworkable’ Sir Jim Ratcliffe, one of Britain’s richest men, has set his sights on the US shale gas industry as his fracking ambitions in the UK wane. The owner of petrochemicals giant Ineos is on the hunt for shale gas investments within the US fracking heartlands of the Permian Basin, according to sources. The billionaire industrialist is understood to have begun assessing a number of US shale projects over the summer as part of a multibillion-dollar debut in the US oil and gas industry. Part of the article. Quite clear what Ineos wants the Shale Gas for but things are changing. People see instantly through social media all the tricks being played by the powerful ones and have had enough. And will get out there and say so. From another article According to the British Plastic Federation, there are 5,200 plastic manufacturers in the UK producing 1.7 million tonnes of raw plastic every year. Ferrycraigs beach at North Queensferry, in the shadow of the Forth Bridge, is a blackspot for nurdle pollution because of the nearby plastic industry hub. It is just 12 miles away from Ineos, a plastic plant in Grangemouth where more than 300 billion pellets are ­manufactured every week. Millions of pellets in the sand and on the beach. Source. EXCLUSIVE: Campaigners say the Government must act, warning that this type of pollution is “totally avoidable” and almost impossible to clean up once it hits the environment https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/billions-poisonous-plastic-pellets-flooding-16543607 From another article. “From towering chemical fires in Germany to toxic air pollution in Scotland and plastic pellets littering our oceans, Ineos’s safety record is appalling. “The company is also a climate disaster waiting to happen—benefiting from fracking in the U.S. while planning to bring the dangerous practice to the United Kingdom. This company’s plans have been met with a passionate, committed grassroots movement, and political leaders are beginning to understand that the right response to fracking is to stop it before it starts.” Source. INEOS’S DIRE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY RECORD http://www.talkfracking.org/fracking-news/ineoss-dire-global-environmental-safety-record/ So now Jim Ratcliffe has spent hundreds of millions on sponsoring a good few bikes and a yacht to sail on a sea of plastic pollution he has a good few ways to depart this island or has he already flown. Monaco i heard. Best move on, i like Entrepreneurs who come up from nothing to become billionaires or millionaires,but not at the expense of the Environment. This article a little dated or is it,surprised me and still does.I like to go back to things from time to time. A lot of pension funds all over the country,councils that is,your council perhaps have investments in the Frackers it is said.Directly or indirectly. Many of the companies fracking across the world are big names.Everywhere from the rainforests to the Artic is not safe form these companies. Some dare not come to these shores because the publicity and pressure they would receive would be uncomfortable for them. There are much easier targets to be had where they can sweep problems and people aside. Anyway if the article interests you you can always send a FOI request and ask your council,hey are you investing in the Frackers.Desperation for quick profit and desperation for money is not a good thing. To get much needed money to pay pensions some risky investments seem to have been made. And it seems like many investors are fleeing the fossil fuel companies across the world. We are not talking a few million or billions,much more money seems to be moving out. Is time running out for them. Just a couple of articles. Insurance companies lead the sell-off of coal, oil and gas stocks over climate change and financial fears – oil majors now cite divestment as a risk to them https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/10/fossil-fuel-divestment-funds-rise-to-6tn Back to the councils and their investments,how much is invested in these fossil fuel companies. I do not know the latest figures,but this has been around for a while now,lets you check out your council.Probably not completely upto date but a guide. New data has revealed that councils across the UK are investing more than £16 billion in the fossil fuel industry – the companies responsible for the climate crisis. It’s time for our local councils to stop #fuellingthefire and divest. Use the map and table below to find out about your council’s fossil fuel investments or rank councils against each other. https://gofossilfree.org/uk/fuellingthefire/#map Moving on now back to the cowboy fracking company Cuadrilla.Who have shaken up my local area and angered many more throughout the country.They fail every time,check out their failures and breaches so far on google. Who has invested in them. British Gas- Centrica have thrown a lot of your money down the well.it will never be seen again. And they put prices up whenever it suits them.But many have moved. Of course you can tell them in a special way what you think of that.These companies definately understand money. 2013. Centrica plc has acquired a 25% interest in the Bowland exploration licence (PEDL165) in Lancashire from Cuadrilla Resources Ltd (Cuadrilla) and AJ Lucas for £40 million in cash. Centrica will also pay exploration and appraisal costs of up to £60 million. 2018 Centrica payment puts Cuadrilla in profit The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, has recorded an annual profit for the first time following a multi-million dollar payment from partner, Centrica. Annual accounts showed Cuadrilla Resources Holdings Ltd made a profit of $5.457m for the year ending 31 December 2017. This compared with a loss of $11.5m for the same period in 2016. All gone now down the Well To Hell. Choice for all. Unfrack me https://unfrack.me/ Moving on what is the latest news. Well i know many more protests are in planning stage or already planned at the Fracking Site,i wil check the latest later today and bring some video and info here when it arrives The Earthquakes that happened have been upgraded now,intensity wise.Bank holiday Mondays Earthquake has now an intensity of 6. Covered here on a article. Quote. “Felt by most indoors and by many outdoors. Many people in buildings are frightened and run outdoors. Small objects fall. Slight damage to many ordinary buildings eg fine cracks in plaster and small pieces of plaster fall.” Record-breaking fracking tremor upgraded – “many frightened” as residents report damage https://drillordrop.com/2019/08/28/record-breaking-fracking-tremor-upgraded-to-strong-many-frightened-as-residents-report-damage/ I suppose some of the articles may suggest i am a little angry about things that are happening,this is true i feel. So much money involved in many areas.So much power and powerful people. Juggling us all around like puppets on a string. We will see what happens,onwards. Tawnyowl.
  9. A diiferent post to start the day off. For those that may wonder how Cuadrilla get funded. They keep emptying Shareholders in AJLucas Group Ltd pockets out with the largest hoover in the world. Straight down their throats the hoover goes and sucks their pockets dry with promises. Soon there will be nothing left,nothing but dust. Ah,enough of that lets see how AJ lucas are doing and what their shareholders are saying. You may have to root around a little but that can be interesting. AJ Lucas Group Limited-Share Price. https://www.google.com/search?q=a+j+lucas+share+price&oq=a+j+lucas&aqs=chrome.4.69i57j0l4j69i60.7264j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 What a difference a week makes. AJ Lucas (ASX: AJL) has gone from last week’s biggest gainer to this morning’s 2nd biggest loser. Overnight, a shale gas site operated by Caudrilla (in which AJ Lucas has a substantial stake) caused a major tremor. The government-run Oil and Gas Authority has since ordered the company to suspend fracking pending an investigation. Note Cuadrilla say- Caudrilla said this was a minor setback.As they sit shaking behind closed doors at Bamber Bridge Preston More on the link. https://stockhead.com.au/energy/energy-aj-lucas-uk-well-causes-a-2-9-magnitude-tremor-and-fracking-issuspended/?fbclid=IwAR3zah3qnmIOImrZU47chPPalnEYLk0ZDtCDEEXBdF2FTpeMVddPHeZQZNE Headquarters of Cuadrilla yesterday received a few visitors yesterday. BBC North West tonight reports on local residents near the Preston New Road Fracking site handing in a letter to Cuadrilla telling them they've had enough. More interesting footage. Community Pop Up At Cuadrilla Headquarters - Enough Is Enough Today the ladies in White will be marching down the Road To Hell to the Gates Of Hell that leads to,yes you guessed it The Well to Hell For over a hundred weeks they have walked down there on a Wednesday,can you believe such a thing. Here we go sport,check out the gossip what the shareholders are saying to each other. You may see a few infiltrators mixed in there from these shores.Not creating mischief just letting the shareholders know whats going down,a little truth. Because the poor old shareholders have to ask and watch the knowlegable ones,the protectors and check facebook and forums for the truth the photos,the filming because Cuadrilla like to keep things hidden.Very rarely do the shareholders or potential shareholders hear from the quiet ones Cuadrilla hidden away in Preston. You may find this interesting,you may not.Depends if you are a little nosey or as someone called me recently a stickybeak. https://hotcopper.com.au/asx/ajl/ Anyone from Cuadrilla the message is clear. type=3&theater Breakfast is calling. Gone for now. Tawnyowl.
  10. Another Quake last night at 10-20pm measuring 1,felt and heard by many. People are alarmed,stressed and distressed and many locals turned up at the Fracking Site yesterday afternoon to let their feelings be known. Sky News Report. Yesterday the local farmer who leased his land to Cuadrilla came under a little pressure. I have seen a video but cannot link it at the moment. Meanwhile the boss of Cuadrilla who came in all fired up and youthful now looks tired and worn out,clearly time to Frack off. What will be revealed when a proper investigation takes place. Some strange things have happened at that site. Some bad things have happened as well outside that site and nearby to people called protectors that will never be forgotton. Like a scar in their minds for ever.Things seen that you will never forget. Forced on local people by those in the corridors of power. My son was in the back garden of his home about a mile from the Fracking Site at 8-30am just enjoying the warmth of this record breaking Bank Holiday.Nice and quiet sitting having a nice cup off tea. I received a text just around 8-30 am but was out at the time my phone needed charging so left it at home but phoned after seeing the alarming message and asked what it was like to go through such an event.It woke everyone in the house up. We talked for a while and he said the strange noises that arrived with the Quake were like you had never heard before. Strange noises from the earth and buildings around and about,cracking,shaking beneath. Some have said birds went quiet. Damage has been done. I suppose some damage that has been done will lie unseen to houses to possbly cause problems in the future.Lets call it micro damage.Other damage will be plain to see. Just as in 2011 courtesy of Cuadrilla Fracking.Man made Earthquakes. People are spooked can you blame them. Just been watching a live video down at the site. Slight suggestions of what is that mist seemingly coming from the site. Is it mist or something more sinister leaking from the depths of hell. Communty on edge,waiting and wondering what is next to arrive on The Road To Hell. https://www.facebook.com/gayzer.tarjanyi/videos/vb.1601814993/10218423001678647/?type=2&theater Back later. Tawnyowl.
  11. This is serious,surely Cuadrila and Fracking are now finished in Great Britain. Many reports of houses shaking and damage must have been done. Including my phone full of messages from people who felt it. Damage will have been done. Surly no minister in their right mind would now relax Earthquake rules. Government's shift to relax shale gas fracking safeguards condemned Environment groups fear possibly ‘weakened’ earthquake risk rules after report on Cuadrilla drilling https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/15/governments-shift-to-relax-shale-gas-fracking-safeguards-condemned Finally. Latest fracking tremor believed to be UK's biggest yet Houses shook as 2.9-magnitude quake recorded near Cuadrilla’s site near Blackpool on Monday The 2.9-magnitude tremor, which startled residents at 8.30am on Sunday, is by far the largest recorded at the site and is bigger than the 2.3-magnitude quake that brought fracking to a halt in 2011. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/26/latest-fracking-tremor-believed-to-be-uk-biggest-yet-cuadrilla-blackpool?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR1yDrCtp37jkqHxI0XB78vTQd1m18pPtyIWIokSm03rXSDYhiCdixXwt-w
  12. 26 August 2019 - Announcement Hydraulic fracturing at Preston New Road suspended https://www.ogauthority.co.uk/news-publications/news/2019/hydraulic-fracturing-at-preston-new-road-suspended/?fbclid=IwAR3f44Ch8W80VZKYI_brmWQkTJLPhPdJU11i5lcqt8-7Vc722oUKcQeNkCg Upgraded to 2.9 Earthquake.
  13. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/boris-johnson-back-fracking-uk-190000866.html More news coming in on todays Earthquake in Blackpool Blackpool Hit By Another Earthquake Near Fracking Site Blackpool was hit by another earthquake in the space of a few days, just a few miles from a nearby fracking site. The quake was felt close to the Preston New Road site and was enough to wake some homeowners up. According to reports, the tremor - which was believed to have measured around 2.6 in magnitude - was felt by hundreds of people. http://www.ladbible.com/news/uk-blackpool-hit-by-another-earthquake-near-fracking-site-20190826 More later as news comes in.Hear anything have any links,views,news articles put them down. By for now.Just phoning some friends in certain areas of Blackpool. I was out about 6 am elsewhere in Lancashire so missed todays Earthquake. Tawnyowl.
  14. Tawnyowl reporting from the Earthquake capital of Great Britain Bank Holiday morning 26th August 2019.8-30am. Blackpool earthquake: Panic at 'huge tremor' - 'House was shaking for 2-3 seconds!' Multiple Twitter users have been reporting the quake, which they said occurred at 8.30am, with unconfirmed reports suggesting a magnitude of 2.9. One said: “Just felt serious earthquake in Marton, Blackpool, about 08.30 hrs. “The bed and house shook for a couple of seconds. Never experienced anything like that before.” Another added: “8:31 this morning. Bed and wardrobe literally shaking. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1170146/Blackpool-earthquake-huge-tremor-fylde-lancashire-twitter ANOTHER earthquake measuring 2.9 magnitude has been confirmed in Blackpool, Lancashire in what would is the fourth such tremor in six days in a series of incidents environmental campaigners have linked with fracking activities in the area. The lagest Earthquake so far. Cuadrilla are investigating after a 2.9 magnitude tremor was recorded at its fracking site, the biggest quake yet. It comes after two others in five days which both were recorded as the strongest at the time. https://news.sky.com/story/cuadrilla-investigating-after-2-9-magnitude-tremor-at-fracking-site-11794594 Boris Johnson on fracking “Glorious News” “Stop pussy-footing around” “Give British people their mineral rights” Tory party is shedding votes faster than Boris the Tarantula can shed its skin in these parts you would think.
  15. Hi Tawnyowl here,i have been watching events over the last week or so as things develop. Labrat,such a sense of humour. Hi honeybee13 . Sure does Anti-fracking campaigners have reacted with concern to news that the British Geological Survey (BGS) signed a non-disclosure agreement with Cuadrilla over access to operational data. https://drillordrop.com/2019/08/24/suspicion-over-fracking-firms-secret-deal-with-geological-agency/ Cuadrilla has been accused of trying to downplay last night’s 1.6ML earth tremor caused by its fracking operation near Blackpool. The tremor, at 8.46pm, was the largest so far recorded at the Preston New Road site since fracking began there in October 2018. https://drillordrop.com/2019/08/22/living-in-fear-residents-respond-to-1-6ml-fracking-tremor/ Energy firm Cuadrilla said a 2.23-magnitude tremor was recorded at its facility near Blackpool at 11.01pm on Saturday – the third “micro seismic event” this week. While some local residents may have felt the movement, it was not strong enough to have caused any damage to property, the firm added. Do you believe anything this company says. Like their so called micro seismic events you would think damage could have been caused to properties. Once buildings start shaking this must happen surely. I was approached this afternoon while at a cricket match. Just chatting way about this and that when the person said Did you feel the Earthquake last night. I had not even heard about it,tell me more i said. Lights and windows shaking moving around about a mile away on one of the North of Englands largest housing estates. And there are reports of many more people feeling this event covered on this link. Why should a community be put through this,waiting for the next one. People living around Cuadrilla’s shale gas site reported shaking buildings and windows last night from a 2.1ML tremor. This is the strongest seismic event so far induced by fracking at the Preston New Road site near Blackpool. It brings to more than 90 the number of tremors since fracking resumed at the site less than a fortnight ago. Within minutes of the tremor, there were reports that people had felt it from surroundings towns and villages including Blackpool, Weeton, Westby, Peel, Kirkham, Wrea Green, Great Plumpton and Lytham St Annes. Much more on the link. https://drillordrop.com/2019/08/25/call-for-fracking-ban-after-2-1ml-tremor-shakes-buildings-around-cuadrilla-shale-gas-site/ You might notice that the BGS has a page now for human activity causing Eartquakes-link Last updated: Sun, 25 Aug 2019 18:10:00 (UTC) This list contains seismic events for which there is strong evidence that they have been induced by human activities. It is linked to a database of seismic events and locations and magnitudes may change as events are re-analysed and revised. Background, tectonic seismic activity is reported on our recent earthquakes list. http://earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/induced/recent_uk_events.html I had better leave it there for now, more soon.,how will it all end because surely it will. Things cannot carry on much longer like this,can they? Bye for now. Tawnyowl writing from the Earthquake centre of Great Britain courtesy of Cuadrilla Fracking.
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