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  1. Lloyds banking group. 1st line says '.....have been instructed to collect the o/s debt owed to Lloyds banking group' There is a footnote at the bottom too saying our client has registered my default with CRA...1st I've heard about this.
  2. Yes. Lloyds letter saying they've transferred debt to dca CSL letter is notice of instruction
  3. 2 letters in the same envelope....1 from Lloyds and 1 from CSL
  4. Ok so now I have received a letter telling me the debt has been passed to CSL! So maybe RW didn't own it before
  5. Thank you. Does what they have sent (as attached) not equate to this? Cca request honoured with letter giving 30 days?
  6. Can I clarify what the letter of claim is please? If i wait to see if this happens does that not open me up to ccj proceedings? Thank you
  7. Ok....so just to clarify....I just sit and wait for now? Thank you for your help in this
  8. Sorry about that. Is this better? Presentation.pdf
  9. Good afternoon Well I thought things were going my way then boom! Letter on the doorstep today providing a copy of my original agreement and a statement of payments. Most payments are there bar 2/3 missing that was made before this all kicked off. They are asking me to complete a financial breakdown and offer of payment with a warning that collection activity will begin in 30 days What am I going to do! I really don't want them to ccj me as I've worked hard to get my credit to a decent state. I've re-read back through the replies I've had on this thread and can see I was told t
  10. Hi all. Well it's been 2 months since my CCA request. I had a couple of letters saying they are still looking into things then today I have had a letter, on Lloyds headed paper but with RW address. It's confirming my balance and a statement from January 18. Only shows payments up to May but I didn't stop paying until October. It's not confirming any agreement info or what I asked for so do I ignore this? Obviously it's asking me to get in touch to make an agreement, confirms interest is 0% and a bit of dignposting info. Thanks
  11. 12+2 days expired following my CCA request and nothing received. I have received a letter from RW saying they are still awaiting info from Lloyds therefore my account remains on hold. My question is, what is the 12+2 for? If in 6 months for example they provided the information then surely I would have to comply? Thanks, really appreciate the help this group offers.
  12. Ok so RW have returned my postal order of £1 with a note saying documents have been requested and an added note requesting proof of my name change! Really!
  13. Can they not still get a ccj though if they don't agree to that as an arrangement. My priority is safeguarding my credit
  14. Sorry i forgot to also mention....RW said they only took this on in September this year
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