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  1. Hi, Before getting into more detail, I'd like to say that I have successfully managed to convince TFL to allow this case to be settled outside of court with no legal action. I received this news by a letter today and I have to pay £xxx amount to settle the whole case. I advise everybody to read the below to educate yourselves a bit better in this situation. Now, I received the court summons around a month or so ago. I immediately called TFL from the number given above and explained to them how I am extremely sorry for what has happened and tried to explain my side and really showing my sincerity. The person on the phone informed me that I must have extreme mitigating circumstances for TFL to even consider settling it outside of court also informed me that TFL do not discuss these situations over the phone. Calling them consistently to try get them to settle this case outside of court will not reach this result. I was informed that writing to them/emailing them is the only way for TFL to reconsider your appeal. I sent off a letter and email to TFL with my apology and explanation and with my mitigating circumstances which were me losing my job to the criminal record and how my family rely on me financially which are obviously all true. They then sent a letter back almost 2 weeks later stating that they don't believe that I will lose my job or struggle with my educational future and there was NO PROOF to state that this is the outcome. Now, this is fully understandable as I didn't provide any proof to anything I said. I then sent off another letter/email to them with written proof from my company's HR that if any proceedings take place, I will lose my job with the company policy attached as well. This is obviously not TFL's goal (leading you to losing your job from these cases) so they replied to me today with a letter stating that they have enough evidence to prosecute me but due to the mitigating circumstances, they will issue me a formal warning and demand full payment of all fares dodged within 10 days otherwise legal action will continue. Please use the information above as only my experience with TFL. All of my mitigating circumstances are 100% truthful and I advise you all to be 100% honest with TFL. They have this law for a reason. I would just like to thank everybody for their replies. Especially, dx for his massive assistance in the beginning and everybody else who was supportive. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
  2. Hi everybody, I've been extremely busy the past week or so and have just only had enough time to dedicate to this case further. The letter I have decided to email and send to them is below. Please let me know if there is anything I can improve. Thanks in advance. To whom it may concern, My TFL case number: XXXXXX I write further regarding the letter I've received requiring me to attend court on XXXXX for travelling without having a valid ticket. I want to deeply apologise for my actions once again. I hope to explain how a progression of this case into court would leave myself and my family in a very difficult situation. As a full-time student, I work part-time in order to help my family financially as my father is officially disabled and my mother is unemployed due to my father's disabilities. My job requires a clean record, thus a criminal conviction would be devastating, leading me to lose my job and cause my family to suffer heavily financially as I am the sole-income earner. I'm also going to start a charity programme for young disabled children after graduation. A crimincal conviction would prevent me from accomplishing this, which has been a huge passion in my life. I have made a devastating decision which has haunted me since. I want to apologise for all the inconvenience that I have caused to TFL and the staff concerned. I am happy to make immediate payment of all unpaid fares and any incurred costs that my actions have caused allowing this case to be settled outside of court and avoid a criminal conviction thereby allowing me to protect my good name. I have never been in trouble with the law in the past and I will ensure I won't be in the future. I sincerely hope you will accept my offer and settle this outside of court due to the circumstances I will face if this case proceeds further. I would appreciate your consideration and I sincerely hope that you can show some leniency in this matter. Yours Faithfully,
  3. No I haven’t. If you don’t mind, can you point me in the direction of those examples please. The email for them is: IAP@tfl.gov.uk Their phone number is: 02070279158 It’s the investigations, appeal and prosecutors team.
  4. Hi everybody. Just spoke to someone at the IAP office over the phone. He opened up my case and I heard him take notes of everything I said. I explained to him how it would effect me and my family (mitigating circumstances) etc... he informed me that decisions aren’t made over the phone. I have to email/send a letter to them and they re-review it again and see if it’s in the public’s interest not to continue to this into court. I am going to write a letter and email to them and keep you all updated.
  5. Buddy, good luck. If you find a number to call to speak to someone who can help in this case. Please put the number here as I am in a similar situation.
  6. There isn’t an email either. Very surprising that there’s only the case handler’s name and the address. Does that mean my only choice is to send a letter? I would much prefer any number I can try if anybody knows of one or another way. Thanks for the reply HB
  7. Thanks for the reply bazzas. I’ve been trying to call TFL’s customer service line at 03432221234 but they are telling me to write to the address of my case handler as there is no phone line I can get through to them? Does anybody know a number that I can call or can direct me of what to do next? I will send a letter if need be but I would rather speak to the case handler and show my remorse than send another letter which may take weeks to get back to me. Any help here would be massively appreciated.
  8. Thank you very much for your replies. DX, you’ve given me a lot more hope and have made me feel a lot better. It’s time for me to put in as much effort as I can to fix this issue and try get an OOC settlement. I’ll keep everybody up to date throughout the whole process. Thanks again masixvely to everybody.
  9. Thank you for your reply. Let’s say that I don’t get an OOC settlement, how long will I need to serve the criminal record for? Is it for 1 year or more? Also, does anybody have the number that I can call TFL with as the letter mainly had the courts papers. Thanks for all your help it’s greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I understand that side but my question was not clear enough. My question is how do I try and negotiate an OOC settlement. I don’t want to end up having to take this to court because I know I will lose the case and end up with a criminal record. I am trying to avoid a criminal record and trying to see if anybody can guide me on what to do to try speak to TFL and settle it outside of court. I don’t want a criminal record and I honestly can’t believe it’s lead to this. I wish I knew all of this before any of this even happened. My future prospers are all on the line because of this stupid mistake which really annoys me.
  11. I’ve received the letter from the courts and they intend to prosecute me for £338+£5.90 for the fares avoided. The court date is towards the end of March. Please can I get some advice as they have given me to either plead guilty and not attend, plead guilty and attend or not plead guilty. What do I choose? What do I do now?
  12. Haven’t heard back yet from them. Will let you know as soon as I do for either extra advice or a massive thank you! Hopefully it all goes wel, I’ve been really depressed past month or so because I’m worried of the outcome but I hope they will see my sincerity.
  13. Great thread you read and that fine is quite hefty! I only used it once a week for about a month or two so in total that’s about 10 times at most. Whatever the fee is, I will be happy to pay it as it will be a short term loss but beneficial in the long term. Thanks for the reply dx. Will get back to you all not so soon hopefully haha
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