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  1. 1) Her account was linked to mine and I was the one paying. 2) First day there and we paid if I remember correctly 100 pounds over the price of the gym as a fee.
  2. The thing is that I was pretty furious because I wanted to continue the membership just for myself but they didn’t accepted. They said that both of us have to be there as mentioned in contract. My ex will leave the country in a few days after a 2 year relationship and that’s something pretty awful for me and I have to deal with. They’re coming after me like I’m a prisoner and I feel like. I had so many red flags during the signing of the contract but I just ignore them like a stupid. Thank you for your advice! I hope everything will be fine.
  3. I don’t know where to address this so please someone help because I’m really freaking out. A few months ago me and my now ex gf joined a gym (David Lloyd uk) we’ve been living in uk since April 2018, the lady with the contract just rambled for whole minutes about how this gym is perfect. I was looking at the contract briefly (my first mistake) . .. fast forward - me and me ex broke up after 2 months of gym. I’ve been to the gym and said to them that I want to cancel my gf membership. They said that I have to wait for a call. Alright. After a few days I receiv
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