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  1. the payments seem to have levelled at July 2016, which would fit with my appalling memory, and even worse filing skills. also I took the loan out in 2007 according to Noddle. dx100 you are an angel, thank you xxxxxx
  2. I got into Noddle, and according to their charts, which are visual, I defaulted in 2012. No more information there. I became too ill to work again in 2011, so that is when it went onto a reduced payment plan, because it became apparent that I wasn't going back to work. However, there isn't any information on when the last payment was made?
  3. Thank you. Just Noddled it, will go though it. Yes, I do know I'm liable, and I was paying it off, until the muddle from Santander's end, then the attempt by the ex to get off the agreement. Now I'm just trying to understand what has happened, who I am dealing with, and what the best course of action. I am going to read the file, and then I can post some facts. Just one q in advance, can I ask Santander to pay them back directly? Just can't imagine them saying yes.?
  4. Thank you for the replies. I actually don't know when the last payment was, because of the confusion with the two different companies chasing me. I could phone Santander as asked, but I don't know if that is wise. Just to check, DF haven't bought this debt, they are just doing the "admin" for Santander. I'm confused. Santander wrote to me and advised me all dealings should be thorough DF, and their letter has a smaller amount on it than the DF's. DF also sent a letter to my former partner to this address, he has never actually lived here, and certainly didn't mount his rear guard action from this address so why did Santander not give DF his address? hi - no, I haven't got my credit file - should I get it before acting?
  5. I will start with possibly the easiest question first - I got a letter from drydensfairfax regarding an unsecured loan I still owe money on, this goes back to 2008, I think. I have paid half of the original loan. Former partner is on the loan too. I was paying it back to avoid trouble, as you do. I then had two companies chasing me at the same time, Moorcroft and someone else. Naïve, I rang Santander who said they would clarify. Then ex put the loan into dispute, for his half, so naturally, I wasn't able to pay. The dispute was settled not in his favour and I waited for instructions, from Santander on who to pay. So, the letter has arrived, telling me "not to underestimate the seriousness of this matter" and to contact them by 16th to discuss repayment. The letter states that they are acting on behalf of their client, Santander. I realise the dates are missing on this, as an initial query, my first question is who owns the debt, the letter seems to imply that Santander does, and they are just collecting for them? Can you please help me get mental clarity? thank you xxx
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