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  1. Hi, This is really interesting as exactly the same thing happened to me on people per hour, sounds like the same person, this was back in April this year, left with about 5000 owed to PayPal. I spent countless hours reporting this to PayPal and e-Bay with no response, other than what you have experienced. I have logged this with the Police, my bank and action fraud. I have streams of compelling evidence to hand, to prove innocence The first 2 months I was getting calls from PayPal daily, ignored and blocked those. This then got handed over to a company called arvatos a financial solutions agency saying they are acting as a client on behalf of PayPal, they are calling on a daily basis leaving v.m's and sending letters to resolve this. I have ignored and blocked all calls and will not correspond with this company. There is no way I will be liable for this, prepared to do what ever it takes with evidence in hand. If they want to get serious they will have to deal with me and this situation in person. I would try not to worry about this, it sounds like nothing ever really happens and it also sounds like we both have evidence as proof and that this type off thing is not as uncommon as we think. All the best
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