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  1. PayPal have had the sense to allow me to withdraw my funds due to not having any payments that could be disputed. However, I am still banned for life for creating a second account for my address in a different country, despite it being unused and only doing this because they told me that I had to.
  2. The appeal has been denied without any reason given. How do I proceed from here? They instructed me to open a new account, then seized funds from my account the second they had a balance worth stealing. They claim they need to retain the funds in case there are any disputed payments, but I have no payments that can be disputed.
  3. After speaking them today, there is also a third account which somebody else created using my details. Apparently this has never been used either.
  4. I have no evidence as I was told to do this over the phone. The call took place over a year ago, so I doubt that they will still have this recording. Also, I have found out that apparently I have another PayPal account using the same e-mail address, which I have never used and do not even recall creating. It may have been a failed attempt at creating the Philippines account upon their request.
  5. I have two PayPal accounts. One for my address in the Philippines and one for my address in the UK. The only account i have used is the UK account. I opened my Philippines account after being instructed to do so by somebody at PayPal as the item I was trying to purchase could only be purchased from a Philippines PayPal. I still could not make the purchase using the Philippines account and the account was never used. The account was opened over a year ago and has not been touched since I tried purchasing the item. I received an e-mail from PayPal today telling me that because I have two accounts, my account is permanently limited and I will have to wait 180 days to get my money back. I have over £2500 in my account, so it is not as though they have taken a small amount of money. I have already contacted PayPal. They have told me to wait up to 72 hours for them to get back to me. What are my chances of getting my money back sooner than six months? If this money is stolen for so long, my income will be decreased dramatically, I will no longer be able to afford my rent and I will have to borrow money for a flight back to the UK.
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