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  1. Thanks DX.... when will RLP stop sending letter.....still how many letters will they send to me
  2. Got my fourth letter frm RLP,.....One question will RLP have my picture where taken from cctv footage from lidl Am scared pls help me Thanks
  3. Thanks Sliverfox1961 for your detailed explanation...am clear by words that my details they hold will not affect me in anyways.... but only one thing which is killing me is they'll hold my data for 6 years....they should delete once they give up writing letter to me.... for holding my data for long time... I cant do nothing...to delete it..anyhow thanks a lot for patient replies. am so..... so.....thankful to you. Thanks -
  4. Hi , In their site says,The right to erasure-the right to ask that the data be deleted...is this true.... How can we approach them for deleting my data.... if I request in written form to delete my data from their database....will they consider my request..and will they delete my data...or for deleting my data will they ask me to pay the claim...if I pay will they delete my details from their database. very very sorry being annoying...my name in RLP database makes me wounding & worrying ....that's why am seeking help from you guys. Thanks
  5. Hi, Two days before i got third letter from RLP, in that letter one paragraph says, "We take this opportunity of confirming the position regarding your data. we will rely upon our client's information as an accurate account of your action and your information will be retained for a period compliant with GDPR". what does this means? will they keep my details for life time or what? Thanks
  6. Thank you sliverfox for your quick reply....when ever i get a letter that affects my regular day to day life for some days...its make me hard to come out from the incident....but am trying to come out...... Also i should thank you from my heart....for my every thread... your replies are so quick and makes me so calm...thanks again for words.
  7. Hi All, Got my second letter today from RLP , I forgot to mention that both in first and second letter my surname has wrong spelling and the date of incident is wrong(wrong date they mention in the letter). I gave my date of birth to security....will RLP save my date of birth in their record... I scared because in this country...we can get a persons all information from their date of birth...even their medical history too.... How long does RLP keep my details...when they'll remove my details....does they save my date of birth too... when they'll stop send these letters...the
  8. sure...I thank you Only 3 , ok..but in forum i read some people got 5 letter....I dont have enough strength to see...more than 3...
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