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  1. I am sorry I have tried to upload the letter with no success - obviously not to pc literate. I have taken a photo with my phone but am happy to type the whole thing in this text box thingie if that would work? And thank you SO much for your help so far. M
  2. Thank you for your help here. I am really worried about this. I did receive a PCN and a further request for payment but was advised that this was not actionable in Scotland - ie I didn't have to pay, and I did not leave my car there. It was definitely there apparently but not by me. I have no idea where the original paperwork is as I probably binned it after a year. I suppose, being an avid TV watcher, that I am concerned I will get a bad credit score (after 5 decades of having a good one) and that the case will be taken to court and judged without my knowledge. M
  3. HI, I have just received a letter from Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors with a heading - "DO NOT IGNORE - DEMAND BEFORE COURT ACTION". Reply within 7 days of letter dated 3rd October, I received it on the 8th. This apparently relates to a parking charge on 9th May 2015 in Edinburgh, and associated reminder letters. PCN was £100, and with a debt recovery fee of £60 , totalling £160 due. Although the car was mine at the time, I did not leave it there for the alleged time and I cannot remember which of the 4 people on my car insurance at that time, who was driving it. Letter from the Solicitors has a very threatening tone, and to be honest I am not sure whether I am being scammed or whether these monies are actually due to them. The original ticket - and any letters that were received relating to it - I do not have. Help please. Before I head to a solicitors and incur even more costs. Thank you.
  4. HI, apologies for randomly contacting you https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488162-VCS-final-demand-before-court-action - I have received a similar letter from PCN today re a PCN in Edinburgh from May 2015- can I ask what you did re your case? It was def my car, but I was not driving it at the time of the PCN!! Thanks
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