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  1. Thanks Mr P for the great input. I think the legal route seems to be a non starter for the expense and timing constraints. It seems that we should keep her onside, hope she doesn't change her Will to only her daughters and son and just be patient. Some people really are solipsistic sometimes. My executor brother should've seen the Will before my Dad's passing really. Thank you again.
  2. Thanks Ethel for your thoughtful insightful reply. Avarice is one of the human traits I hold in least regard. People really can be 'blinded' by love. We only suspect he may have been coercred through nagging due to her personality, but cannot prove it and I thought there was a statutory time limit on making a claim against the legality of a Will, that will now have expired. My brother as an executor and co-trustee requested that a small change of a clause be included due to very ambiguous language. She refused. I will certainly investigate the two options you outlined.
  3. Hi folks, It would be valuable if any of you guys may offer an insight on my and my siblings current situation after the passing of our father a few years My Dad, a successful businessman, divorced my mum years ago when I was in my early 20s. Their marriage had been pretty dysfunctional for a long time so it wasn't surprising. My Dad remarried a few years later to a subordinate from the establishment he worked for, also a divorcee. After originally having some animosity towards her for the divorce, perhaps misplaced, over the ensuing years we got to know her personality.
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