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  1. @bankflolded I have sent an email. @king12345 I do like this approach although we have sent several letter and my partner and his colleagues has had several meetings with the managers and someone whom apparently is of some significance in the company but nothing has changed.
  2. Can you provide me the admin email address ? Honestly I don’t think others are prepared to make a complaint about this ( as in legally ) because they are scared because this is a huge company. No his not interested in staying in the job. Please can you provide me more information about constructive dismissal
  3. Hi wondering if anyone can offer some valuable advice, My partner workplace ( a very large company) has not been paying him, he has been working there for 2 years now and sometime he would go up to 4months without a pay. When he approaches the managers and payroll department they keep informing him that they are sorting it out and nothing, sometimes they will say his been paid and when he checks his bank account his pay would be £200 for a whole 2 months which doesn’t equate to the hours he has worked. He has had severely issues with this company to say the least, once he was suspended and when he appealed the case to someone higher they found that the ruling was wrong and apologies to him. A lot of there workers are not being paid promptly or if they do eventually pay them it way below it expected pay and he gets taxed double ! Also he has taken out quite a lot of loan to keep up with his expense and now it’s getting to much emotionally and financially Can anyone offer some sound advice on how to pursue this case ?
  4. My fare evasion 6 years ago by LOROL or the link to the forum
  5. That forum doesn’t really help as I have been convicted of travelling without a valid ticket 6 years ago whilst I was in university.
  6. What are you referring to exactly? I have a zone 1-2 prepaid monthly oyster, is it complusory to always tap in and out with a prepaid monthly oyster. Also on this occasion I knew I was travelling outside my zone, although I forget my trip from the night before put me in arrears because I went outside my zone. I was in a rush, taped my oyster on the opened barrier and ran to catch my train.
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone is able to provide me with some sound advice. I was travelling from seven sisters - London Liverpool Street on a pre-paid zone 1-2 oyster, the night before I got out of my zone which put my oyster in arrears via 10p. I completely forgot to top up my oyster and walked through an opened barriers in seven sister as I always do when I am commencing my normal journey Finsbury Park - Liverpool Street. When I got to Liverpool Street obviously I couldn’t tap out, the inspectior took my oyster and said that I hadn’t tap in and I explained to him that I completely forgot. I also told him that I had my bank card and is able to pay the full fare via using the contactless payment. He didn’t acknowledge it, wasn’t writing anything and proceeded to ask my details which I gave him. He also noted that I have a lot of incomplete journeys and I mentioned to him that due to the time frame I travel the barrier are normally open and I have my zone ticket so I don’t tap in or out sometimes. Is this crime ? 2 days later I received a letter from TfL that they may prosecute me and ask me to give my account of what happened and plea guilty or not, they are still investigating. I sent a letter to TfL apologising and stating that I hadn’t realised that when I tap at the barriers my ticket beeped red, I completely forgot my oyster was in arrears. I didn’t state in the letter that I did offered to used my contactless card to make payment, whilst speaking to the officer at Liverpool Street. I also offered to pay my outstanding fare and any admin fees Please note I was previously fined by lorol 5years ago. Although this incident was a complete oversight on my side, I was overwhelmed with so many things going on in my head that I didn’t think to top up, I was used to aspect that I had my zone 1-2 pre-paid and don’t have any issues.
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