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  1. Hello, Information on Google appears confusing, not sure if anyone can assist making it clearer. 2005, due to issues in my personal life at that time, I was convicted of theft from my employer, sentence was a fine, and community service, no offence prior to conviction or since, I'm considering a position in social care, (working with elderly) therefore, I now need to complete an enhanced DBS check. Trying to understand the rehabilitation offenders act, and DBS filtering offences I'm confused what shows up on an enhanced DBS check,
  2. Hello Not sure which avenue to go down, hoping some can point me in the right direction. I've parted company with my previous employer, however, as expenses are paid in arrears, I'm owed £295.00 company expenses, despite numerous email requests for this to be paid, my previous employer fails to acknoeledge. Although the amount is not huge in comparison, I'm still owed the money, do I have to issue an LBA 1st, or can I issue a MCOL?
  3. Hi I appreciate your advice which got me thinking from a different angle, I'm almsot certain my CV is "outdated" in comparison to today's competition. As suggested, I've sought the advice from an independant observer. I reaaly do appreciate your advice, thank you.
  4. Thank you for your honesty, I have no intention to lie to a potential employer, I'm struggling getting my CV accepted / past numerous agencies. For obvious reasons, I have to be careful what I post on this public forum, that said, I held a senior managerial position for a number of years with the same employer, in a specific field, I'm starting to think my CV layout / details / experience is the issue, not so much why I departed with my previous employer, thus, currently, still unemployed
  5. Hi, I'm after some advice, I'm struggling to find work, even via agencies, most are enquiring why I left my previous position, I've stated "I left for personal reasons which have now been rectified" following this, I'm not receiving any further communication, some have asked me to elaborate further which I've refused, I don't wish to disclose my ET claim or settlement agreement, I received a substantial figure given the senior position I held I have an unaccountable period on my CV from termination date to current date. Without disclosing my ET claim, would
  6. you no longer enjoyed the role and suffering from ill health at the time meant that it was a simple decision to resign and look for work later. That's a great answer, thank you
  7. If asked, and I've no doubt I will be, I intend to be honest but brief, I'll be hoest about the issues that resulted in my resignation, without disclosing it ended in an ET claim.
  8. Hi, Thank you, I think stating "I resigned for personal reasons but are no longer in the same situation" is a good reason for why I left. I'm currently doing agency work, the role I'm currently doing is basic, and doesn't equate to the senior position I held with my previous employer, I took agency work to get myself back into a work routine.
  9. Hi! My partner and I rent a private property and we pay rent and bills 50/50 both on minimum wage however I will retire a few years before him ,will I get help with rent and bills, he can't afford to pay it all out of his wages I will be claiming normal retirement pension and only have a very small amount in my work pension .

  10. Thank you for your honesty. What took place with my former employer is personal to me, I'd rather not elaborate on the issues to any potential employer, I’ve recovered, departed with them and moved on. I had over 10 years service with my previous employer, and had an explanatory record; issues only arose in the last 12 months due to my personal circumstances changing (not affecting my role or requirements) I signed an agreement not to disclose the contents or details of the agreement, I believe this was binding on both sides. As I mentioned earlier, the "employment solicito
  11. Hello, Yes, it's ove now and I'm usure ehat reason to declare for leaving my previous job.
  12. Following ET proceedings with my previous emoployer, I accepted an out of court settlemet, part of that my employer will provide a reference if requested I'm unsure what reason to give on future applications, "reason for leaving" Clearly, being honest and disclosing why I left, is not going to place me favourable. Any advice please?
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