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  1. Hi, No, I thought that signs are misleading and I'm ignoring the letters. I read some forums
  2. My defense was: WITNESS STATEMENT OF 1. I'm ____________ the defendant in this claim no ________. The facts in this statement are true and come from my best personal knowledge. 2. I make this witness statement to support my defense again Claimant’s – Napier Parking Limited 3. Claimant claims in Claimant Background section 5 and SIGNAGE section 35 that Claimant is Accredited member and Approved operator and is full compliance with IPC code of practice for private enforcement on private land and unregulated car parks. This code of practice gives recommendations
  3. Hi All, Please, I need urgent help. I lost the case against Napier Parking in Country Court. I parked the car on the access road on the verge. I was confused by the road sign on opposite road which shows terms and conditions. And I thought the sign in front of my car shows that I can't park on the main road. Because of that judge decides that I breach terms and condition between me and Napier parking. What do you think? Are do is worth to appeal Judge decision or pay fine. (FCN) Thank you napier parking.pdf
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