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  1. Good Afternoon, I am hoping somone would give me some advice, I have been recieving letters from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors, i have attached the most recent one. This debt is from a Loan i had from Sainsburys in 2011. I had been making payments on it for some time and paid 70% of it off. For some reason the payments stopped, possible due to closing my old Barclays Bank Acc and moving address aruond the same time, the loan was fogotten about completely. Cabot are now after the remaining £300 of the debt + all their fees and charges. I have responded saying i will pay £70 per month which is what i used to pay Sainsburys but they now want me to fill out their expenditure form. What are my options here? They mention Court Judgement and a Warrent of control? but i havent reieved anything from the Court this issue was only bough to my attention about 6 weeks ago. I have not refused to pay, i have responded to all thier letters a Warrant of control seems slightly over the top. Any help would really be appreciated. i checked my Clear Score and its been hit hard by this! infact its gone down about 90 points. Many thanks
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