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  1. Brief summary of events Defendant householder cut through electricity supply cable encased in concrete under his driveway. Claimant repaired the cable Claimant says cable was 200mm below surface of driveway Claimant issued Letter before Claim(LBC) 4 months later - no previous correspondence and begins "We are now in a position to serve our Letter of Claim pursuant to the Pre Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes. Claim is in negligence, claims for it's "losses" Included in it's LBC is it's "invoice" for the repair works. (£536) Claimant
  2. Having thought about it for a while, as no track is yet allocated 31.4 and 31.15 seems to me to be in play. If that is right, then my query is: - Does the defendant's solicitor, have the right to demand that I send him documents, a demand that he has made, without, a) serving a notice to inspect, and b) following that inspection, stating he wishes to have a copy of each document inspected, and on his undertaking to pay the reasonable cost of copying, must I then, and only then, make and give him those copies? Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to post up their co
  3. True - but at present, the claim is "trackless" as the defendant has not filed a defence, yet
  4. The claim is a money claim for less than £5000, so it is likely to be allocated to the small claims track. If the matter goes to trial, I will be making an application for my costs at the LIP rate because the defendant has behaved unreasonably. The threat to seek an Order if I do not comply with the demand for copies of documents, when the formalities per CPR 31.15 have not been observed with is, in my view an(other) example of unreasonable conduct.
  5. All of the documents demanded were either documents D sent to me or I sent to D, before proceedings issued. D has not served a defence, nor replied to the LBC - Case is presently "trackless". However, the clarity I seek is whether it is open to D's solicitor to demand I copy them to him, or is his right limited only to inspection, and only after he serves a notice to inspect under 31.15 ---- 31.15 Where a party has a right to inspect a document– (a) that party must give the party who disclosed the document written notice of his wish to inspect it; (b) the party who disclos
  6. Dear dx100uk Claim for Breach of contract and claim pursuant to Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (SI 2008/1277), as amended by The Consumer Protection (Amendment)Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/870). Whilst I thank you for your comment, I am fairly certain that all parties are expected to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. - Perhaps I have misunderstood your comment.
  7. Hello, This is my first post so be gentle with me! If my understanding is correct, CPR 31.14 provides the right to inspect the class(es) of documents specified in 31.14. In the event the party wishes to exercise that right, he is required to serve a notice under CPR 31.15 and the party in possession of the document is required to permit that inspection within 7 days of that notice being served on him. Following inspection, if the inspecting party wishes to have a copy of the document he has inspected and providing he gives an undertaking to pay the reasonable costs of
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