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  1. Hey, Just wondering if you have any other pictures of the college parking site and/or their signs? Glad to hear you've heard nothing further!
  2. I won in court last year, against a different PPC, purely based on the technical wording of their signage. I also know from being at that car park that this college has a couple of different signs depending on the area. So they are highly relevant, especially considering the case I am amount to make will be using this point.
  3. I'm not after PM advice either, I'm not requesting advice at all. I was hoping they might have a further photograph from the site, specifically the small T&C signs dotted around the car park which are very different to the entry sign. Hence only a post on this thread will suffice. Hopefully like myself they will see the email notifications from your / my messages and click if they are bored.
  4. Thanks Dx, but I'm specifically looking for a response from the OP rather than advice from others. Unfortunately I cannot direct message them as I am new...
  5. Hey Gotaparkingticket, I also have fines from Ethical for the same college. Wondering how things are with your case? Brian
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