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  1. Not quite sure what a CCA is , but I found a legal form requesting info of proof the debt exists, they then provided the original online consent form of the account. There is no signed signature but I am guessing the online Consent forms are just as acceptable as the pen signature. I have just had phone calls from them since which I have ignored.
  2. Hi all, I know there are numerous threads on here but I’m going to post my story to see if I can get some personal advice regarding this. Lowell are chasing me, I have read all your views on how people shouldn’t pay them a penny or worry over them. They are chasing me for a Littlewoods debt, I have requested proof which to my surprise they provided. The debt was from 2012 (ish) but the latest payments were made 2017. I have no problem admitting this debt ( I lost my job and whilst I was in between work I couldn’t afford to pay ) now I had been a loyal customer with Littlewoo
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