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  1. Thank you, sorry about the upload stuff, technology, and I don't mix. Its actually her that has received the Order and her partner is now expecting one which will be a similar amount. I thought the reply back to them stops the clock so to speak. Would you suggest they just totally ignore Rossendales or at least acknowledge the letters? I was under the impression ignoring was the worst that can be done.
  2. looking for help and guidance re a Capital contribution order for Legal Aid being collected by Rossendales. In 2011 a friend and his partner were arrested for fraud both were co-defendants and both pleaded guilty at first hearing. As part of the criminal proceedings in October 2011, a restraining order was issued from Taunton Crown Court, freezing the assets and including the house. After conviction in April 2017, a Confiscation order was made under the Proceeds of crime act and the house was sold to pay. POCA was for £27k for party A and 260k for party B. on 28th August 2018 Party
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