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  1. so lets assume he takes me to court and wins what do i do how does this actually affect me would it affect me getting a student loan for university etc.
  2. How do i know weather my parents have legal responsibility
  3. Hi guys im new here , i signed up because im being threatened to be taken to a small claims court. A long story short 1 or 2 years ago i met a guy on gumtree (that had bought a computer off me) and he had asked whether i could supply him with a large amount of computer components, me being not being mature and silly i accepted this and we talked over email for a bit to confirm details. After that he had transferred over £70k into my bank and what we agreed is that i give him a certain amount of computer components each week which i did for several months until the guy supplying me with the cheap components stole a large sum of cash from me which was so stupid of me. i was left with £25k left and £40k worth of components left to give him. I got scared at this time i lost communication with my customer and pretended it didn't exist. at the time i was doing GCSEs and wanted to focus on the exams at the time. after the exams i had gained enough confidence to contact him and explain what had happened he agreed that i could just give the rest of his money back by paying £2.5k a week, what i did was i put the money into crypto trading and i spent hours upon hours on the trading site and most cases only getting a couple hours sleep but i was making just enough for the £2.5k a week i continued paying him off for a few months until my trading account got hacked and all my money was stolen (i did file a police report to action fraud but nothing happened) and the website owners said they could not do anything. The customer asked what had happened to the payments after i had not made that weeks payment i panicked and blocked his email address and all was good for 6 months im doing a-levels atm (physics,chemistry and computer science). I was really enjoying life without the stress. Recently i got an email from his brothers email stating that i had owed £12k and that i can pay it now or pay £14k in small claims court . I am more than willing to pay this off and had no intention of taking his money but tbh i was scared out my mind. the problem is i am a 17 full time student doing really hard a-levels that require my full time and i currently dont have a job and have like £30 in my bank. i dont have many possessions as i had sold most of it to make my final £2.5k payment. i have a average computer, an iphone 5c and a good pair of headphones . I am just asking for what i should do in my position as i did some research and i read something about how you cant make a claim against a child and how you cant make a claim above £10k is this true if not how would i go about this as im not going to lie i have no clue on what to do. I would greatly appreciate any advice with this. Many thanks in advance.
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