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  1. To be honest an AOE would be fine. She's had one before (to repay an overpayment of one of her benefits), and it with any luck it would eliminate some of the bailiff's fees. I'm sure she could negotiate for an affordable amount too. So far, we've contacted the bailiff with the letter as suggested by dx100uk and emailed a local councillor. My daughter is going to contact the council to ask the questions also suggested by dx100uk, so hopefully all these won't be too long in replying. I'll let you know how we get on. Thanks to everyone!
  2. Thank you for this, we will try to obtain this information. Hi, no unfortunately I haven't had a chance today, been really busy at work. I'm only just sitting down now to it.. Thanks for your help BTW I've looked at the bailiff's statement again this evening, and am slowly getting my head round it. Their statement is divided into 7 pages, so presumably 7 different debts all to the same council, covering different time periods, and dated from August 2016. They were pressurising my daughter to pay £200 per month and were refusing to accept less, between August 2
  3. Although the council tax arrears may date back to 2014 or earlier, I don't think they went to the bailiff until August 2016, as that seems to be the date quoted on their statements.
  4. My daughter has a historical council tax debt, which according to the bailiff Grencar is currently standing at around £3500, however that figure includes their various fees. I only became aware of this problem when my daughter broke down in tears about 18 months ago, having got her finances into a dreadful mess and was threatened with eviction by her landlord. she had various debts at the time which we have managed to sort out, however the council tax debt with Grencar continues to haunt her. They had been demanding payments of no less than £200 and whenever they
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