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  1. Hi Honey Bb, Thanks for the reply I am just helping them look for the contract now .They are completely new to all this and went in head first .
  2. Hi , I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I have a query I would love your thoughts on . My parents have had their home for sale with a large estate agent for several months. They have had 3 buyers pull out at the last min but the estate agent has been very poor throughout . A local agent got in touch and sold the house in one week but just today the large agent have been in touch and said the terms and conditions of their agreement says they had to wait 28 days after leaving before they could list with anybody else or they would have to p
  3. Hi all , I have had my first letter in months from Drake's telling me what my outstanding balance is in British pounds. . Is there a reason they would send this ? Thanks
  4. Thank you . There is no mortgage on the existing house they are downsizing and found the dream house but the buyer on the existing house has pulled out last minute so they don't want lose the dream house so I guess a short term loan is the best option .
  5. Hi , All can anybody advise what is the best loan options for my parents to by a house while they are waiting for the sale of their house . Is it best to get a bank loan or are there alternatives . Thanks
  6. Hi . I haven't heard any thing since my last post in November. Are you in the same situation ?
  7. Thank you for your reply andyorch . Will they proceed to court do you think ?
  8. Hi, Can I ask if there is an update on this thread please ? I am in a similiar position and sick with worry
  9. Hi all , Me again ! Steven Drakes have sent yet another letter threatening legal action . Do I need to acknowledge this or what is by best course of action . Im starting to get worried . Thanks
  10. Hi all , Thanks for the replys . Steven drakes have now sent a second letter asking me to make payment or complete and income and expenditure form . Should I acknowledge or just ignore ? Thanks
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