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  1. Indeed, I'm just wondering what I should be doing in the meantime as they would be sending debt collection letters etc and rack up the amounts. My letter already indicated either cancel or issue proceedings while PCM ignored this and tried to refer me to IAS and debt collection. So if this goes to court, which amount would I be defending against? What should I do in the meantime? Whip the management company into doing something?
  2. Hey sgtbush, Yes, the lease defined the Parking Area (clause 1(a)) and further stated in another schedule. I dont have a specific bay but I do have the right to park in the Parking Space in the Parking Area as designated by the Landlord. If the expression "the Parking Space" is defined in clause 1 of this Lease (but only if it is so defined) (a) the exclusive right to park one private motor car (or one private motor bike) in the Parking Space The request is coming from PCM who is not a party to the lease and no appointment of a third party to manage parking has been mention
  3. @forcharli - what happened in the end then? I just been struck with something similar.
  4. For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 4/9/17 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] Y (stupidly enough to negate my Pofa) if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide has there been a response? Y - appeal rejected 5 Who is the parking company?Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd (“PCM”) 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Right to park in ow
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