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  1. It seems this way. Copart are a international chain just like a ASDA. When you import a car yourself you can do all the checks you need to do by communicating with importer, IF buy one through copart that's listed as having no history, and perform no checks in order to confirm or deny its status then you have issues, Law states that Co part have no obligations to perform any checks on a car other than to check they have legal right to sell it. Copart are a salvage and AUCTION company, they are not a dealership in which you have full consumer protection. W
  2. All I can say is what already has been advised: Copart only has to perform 1 check, its legal right to sell the vehicle in the UK which means so long as there is no finance outstanding (in which the agent in Australia also has to clear) and not stolen co part. Any check prior to UK registration will return as unknown as its not a uk registered car there will be nothing held on file how could there DVLA don't know of its existence in the UK at this stage. Copart has no vested interest in registering the vehicle for themselves in the UK so no in depth checks from the DVLA will be perfo
  3. Again I feel your pain but your going to have to prove in a court that unknown history is a term that is in some way mislead you. Co part has no obligation to pre check their vehicles the only check they have to perform is one a legal obligation to ensure legal entitlement to sell the vehicle. DVLA didn’t know about this car till your registration application which prompted a check by the DVLA to the Australian counter parts that provided the information that resulted in your bad news. As Copart was not going to the registered keeper a mere standard history check like any other
  4. Sorry but when a vehicle is listed as status unrecorded you must take it that the history is unknown and assume every potential outcome, Including its crash history. Copart are not DVLA and don’t have the same resources as the DVLA as to research their history prior to granting a V5C. You will have to prove to a court that Copart mid advertised the vehicle hard to do when they list it as unrecorded history unknown
  5. The only issue I can see the op running into is that he stated this is a reliable runaround if the purchaser can prove that Infact contrary to his advert this was not a reliable runaround and In fact with parts replaced with receipts to prove he could end up having to pay for this should the purchaser want to go small claims procedure. All adverts should be honest but lack opinions what’s someone’s opinion of a reliable run around can differ to another person therefore all opinions should remain purely to ones self in an advert especially when one only did a very very small amount of mi
  6. There is no way to check a licence without a license number and permission to use it.
  7. I'd hedge a bet and say this a Renault/Vauxhall Traffic or Movano shared chassis and engine type of Vehicle? I would tell your finance company that A: your intention is to reject it under the consumer rights act, and that you're taking it back to the dealership on XYZ date, where you will be leaving it at their premises, and getting a refund at best or a replacement vehicle at a compromise, or going down the small claims track at worse. Either way THEIR asset will be at the dealership where you purchased it and that after rejection be expecting them to eithe
  8. There should never be any tampering or removing of internal parts on a BASIC valet. When you contract with someone to essentially DEEP CLEAN your internal cabin, Some trim may be removed in order clear out and flush dust and debris BUT the VALET/DETAILER should be very clear on what he intends to take apart, has experience in taking these parts apart with the CORRECT tools, and shows you his LIABILITY INSURANCE certificate that's in place to deal with anything that he breaks, a genuine detailer/valet will never get you sign a disclaimer form for damages or have any disclaimer sign up to sugges
  9. OP the golf mk 4 is a nightmare on calipers, Honestly if a garage does not replace the dust boot that covers them, they corrode ad then they snap with the lightest of force applied, It really is a common theme. The pipes run above the fuel tank, You cant test anything in an mot that is covered as the tester isn't allowed to remove things to test so when the work to go ahead and work on pipes, usually the flex hoses that joins into the solid copper ones are just as bad if not a little worse for wear. Now having a chat with the garage about this can go two ways, 1. your attitude
  10. I believe op said it was a 6/7 seater hybrid. Prius plus type car that if you fold down the seats it turns into a van pretty much, ive got sportage suv and you could fit 2 monthly shop in a poundworld in.
  11. Take your brother insurance out of it for now. Unless your a named driver to which you are not I assume, it has no relevance to your case, The fact remains in proving your not a trader or using the vehicle for business purposes. So... You used a debit card that has a transaction code on the receipt related to your personal bank account, if its a personal account like you say, then the bank statement that shows the transaction proves it wasn't purchased with a business account so there lies your evidence to prove "reasonable doubt", it is reasonable to assume that if your a bu
  12. I second the case that you should return back to the council with your evidence of illhealth and vulnerability and ask the council to "pull back" the case from enforcement agents and copy in Pheonix.
  13. From what I can gather they both DONT own a business together, they aren't members of the Cash and Carry and OP has stated the Cash and Carry allows members of the public to shop there without membership. OP does a bulk shop at Cash and Carry for personal use not business. The level of cover the OP's brother has is ofcourse irrelevant as its cover for the person on the policy entitled to drive that car. If OP's policy excludes the use of DOC for business on his policy or excludes the class of vehicle,engine,chassis type that his brothers car is that he was using, the OP is in a bit of a
  14. The OP I believe is a Builder 2 That has nothing to with anything 3Toyota Hybrid 6 seater. The only thing here I could make out is that this may not be a business cover issue but rather a Vehicle type Issue that the OP is facing. The OP may not have covered due to the engine size limitations or Vehicle type limitations set out in his DOC cover terms and conditions. Its becoming increasingly common to set a 1.8 engine capacity limit, with Chassis type Limitation excluding 4x4's Suv's MPV's etc and COVER LIMITATION as in Third party ONLY no business no commute your screwed, Check you
  15. The fact they committed perjury in court is not evidence of a fraud having taken place and its upto the court to decide if they wish to persue. The fact you willingly sold them it back is all too suspicious to me WHY?
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