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  1. This is why I took out the insurance because I really do not understand any of this stuff and when you've got a bailiff at your door telling you if you don't pay they are going to take your pets to sell and put added pressure saying a van is on the way to get them and if you don't pay before they arrive the bill will then go up to cover them as well. I was under so much pressure I am single and no family it's just me and my dogs and a number of health conditions and I just got myself into more trouble by paying it. The guy was nice enough and didn't come over as menacing or aggressive, I even gave him a number for a friend because he wanted a certain breed of dog that she breeds. I'm kind of disappointed in myself as well, I feel so stupid now finding out all this stuff after the event. If I had got the notice I would have called them and would have had time to find out everything and deal with it but they never sent me anything. Yes the insurance decided about four days after the visit that they would not take on the case because the prospect of losing at that point was higher than the chance of success. I put the complaint in after I found out that I had been given the ccj so far they just gave me an update that they had not finished their investigation and would be in touch again when they have another update.
  2. Yes I did get the claim form but had no idea what to do with it which is why I went to my legal insurance company to ask them to deal with it or tell me what I need to do they just kept telling me to wait for them to get back to them. Dcbl told me I had 14 days to appeal before they gave the money to the claimant # I took that as meaning to send in my forms to set aside the judgement since there was nothing on the paperwork they gave me about an appeals procedure. i sent in all my letters from my insurance telling me to wait and they were dealing with my claim and my complaint to them and I sent all my proof to the original case as to why I do not owe the money to the claimant. On reading up on the notes of how to fill it in and what to send I think I've done everything I could so I just need to wait now I guess I did email dcbl and ask what their complaints procedure was and they just replied and said if I wanted to complain to just reply to the email with the details. I thought companies were meant to have a set procedure in place and to supply the details if a person asked for them? I will write today and ask for a breakdown of charges as they did charge more than the standard fees but nowhere actually says if they are allowed to charge more than the set fees so its rather unclear if they were allowed or not. Also it says they are not allowed to take pets so I feel they targeted my weakness to force me to pay. I'll also ask for the body camera footage but what if they say it was not recording because he did not tell me if it was or was not and are there any rules on that
  3. I've copied the post I made in another website forum based on the information they gave on their site and the advice given on the forum as well. Up to this point I have only sent in my application to set aside the judgment, I also added at the end to stay the writ and complain about the bailiffs to requesting an investigation into their charges as well. I've no idea if I've done any of it correctly. I was out of time I think and had to have it in the post Friday or so I was lead to believe. I proved my insurance company claim was put in to deal with the case and they did not act within the time scale and gave me no Information or guidance on what to do whilst I was waiting for them to appoint a solicitor which is meant to be part of my insurance cover to get free legal advice regardless of if they are acting for me . Proof the ccj was entered before they even gave it to a solicitor and proof the bailiff arrived before the solicitors had even looked at the case. Proof I made a formal complaint once the ccj had been entered into that they had not dealt with it in a timely manner and not advised me what I need to do while waiting for them. Also Included all the proofs I didn't owe the money and that they owed me and why and how much. A copy of the bailiff paperwork showing the charges and everything. I think that was it. read the post I made on the other site below and tell me please did I do any of it wrong do I need to be filling in and submitting anything else. Do I have a case to request a charge back because they threatened to take my pets if I didn't and never gave me notice they were coming and charged me over the allowed fees. Are they really as bad as everywhere says and will I have to take everyone to small claims court to get my money back . Thanks Don't actually owe the debt. The creditor owes me money. I had legal insurance that was meant to cover this but they messed me about for so long a ccj was issued and the enforcement officer came before they had even said if they would take the case on and now have decided they won't. It was over the sale of a dog. The buyer just didn't want it after five months so sent it back and I said I'd try to sell it for them and get what I could and they said they would pay for me doing it for them he was with me six months and only sold for £1000 which they agreed to the sale price. got my friend an accountant to work out the costs properly for me and it worked out they owed me nearly £500 on top of the 1000 sale price. I said no. Can't send that cut it down to cost so they did which made it something like 250 they owed me still I sent that to the owner and said look my accounts work out what it cost me but have a look and give me a call and we'll have a chat about it and sort something out to suit us both. She never did her mother sent me a load of abusive messages and applied for a ccj straight away. I've got all the defence and have been doing all the paperwork and forms and proofs to apply to set aside the judgement doing it totally off Google help so far but now seriously worried after reading all about dcbl when they came I had not got notice that they had the writ and planed to come. They just arrived at my house stood at my gate and I wet myself thinking it was a police. All dressed in black what looked like a vest and body cam and all sorts. Then he told me who he was and what he was there for. Told him I knew nothing about it and weren't they meant to notify me first if they had got a writ and he said yes we sent a letter and I told him no I never got one or I would have dealt with it then . I asked if I could ring my solicitor who was a waste of time because she could not advise me because she had not decided if she could take the case based on my insurance cover yet. He then told me if I did not pay him there and then that they had a dog van on the way to take my dogs my pets to sell to pay the debt. Also it would then go up by about another 750 on top of the 2200 something. I logged In to my online banking to see what I had and I didnt have enough in my bank I even showed him. I asked if he could come back in a couple of hours and I could get the cash and he said no if he leaves he is leaving with the dogs to pay the debt. went back in the house and searched and managed to find some cash I forgot I'd hidden for emergency. paid in full and he went away happy. I've now found out from my searches learning how to set aside the judgment he over charged fees. Did not send me notice. Then threatened to take my pets which he's not allowed to do either dressed like police and never offered to make any arrangement to pay or to take other items he was only Interested in the dogs my Pomeranians. I actually joked and said I've got a puppy dog you you can have she's a little turd and rubbish guard dog and he said no only the little ones which I found odd he targeted them. He must have researched me first as all over my social media is my dogs and just my dogs. My dogs are my pets not a business I only breed to get more pups for me for breeding and showing and pet home any I don't keep. I'm going to ring my bank for a charge back in the morning but I've been on the forum and seen about all the Complaints about this lot and wondered if there was anyway my complaint and details could help. And also wondered if I should be apply to stay the writ as well or anything else as well and do they all just go to the county court or do I have to do two lots and send the set aside to county and the writ to high court. Thanks in advance
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